Friday, October 23, 2015

Battelle’s DroneDefender anti-drone beam gun grounds UAVs

"Verrrry Interesting."


Anonymous said...

Waaay interesting, but I searched Battelle's website and could not find a price. Inquiring minds would like to know..

Josh said...

Perhaps something that generates a good bit of rf noise at the common drone and gps operating frequencies is what is going on here. The drone, when unable to get a gps signal or perhaps a control signal for those that aren't autonomous, may soft fail by lowering itself to the ground.

Jonathan H said...

Let me preface this by saying that very little has been disclosed about how this system works, so what I say is speculation, however I have worked with a number of UAVs and control systems and I can use that experience to 'fill in' some of what isn't in the article.
This article and others refer to jamming the control systems - either they use an extremely wide band system that interferes with a wide range of possible control frequencies, which would mean that it cause harmful interference with many non-UAV systems, or it jams certain commonly used frequencies such as Wifi, meaning that higher end aircraft are not affected by this device.
This article, which is one of several I have seen on the system, mentions jamming GPS signals - since GPS is a wide band, low power signal it is easy to cause interference with but hard to jam - and in an aircraft use, it is relatively easy to ensure that the GPS receiver only picks up an airborne signal.

I find it curious that there is no mention of the military in any article on this system; to me, this means it is either an early stage development that Battelle is hyping, or there is a fundamental flaw in the system that makes them uninterested in it. I suspect it is the second, that it is very limited in its use and as I said above only works on the cheapest, simplest unmanned aircraft.

admin said...

Seems like a gimmick and not really technically feasible.

Formost to use this is to run into all sorts of FCC issues.

Second merely jamming the control frequency and gps will not cause it to crash unless it is a very cheap model.

Most drones have gyroscopes, and many have other systems including spread spectrum radios, rudimentary guidance using horizon tracking, and internal guidance,

I discussed this project with a former electronic engineer who worked on aircraft systems and he showed me how to duplicate the device however he had doubts about its usefulness other than as something to disrupt other types of comms.


Anonymous said...

harmful interference is not a problem in a true four gee w scenario... plans r out there 4 very wide spectrum electro-mechanical devices which take out all rf in a 2-3 mile vicinity... not recommended u stick around after energizing...