Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kit Lange: "A Few Thoughts on the Anthony Bosworth Guilty Verdict."

The real story is not whether Kit Lange is mad at Anthony Bosworth, or whether the III% is somehow involved in a “schism” over certain ideas or acts held by certain of its members. There are many groups, and many points on the spectrum where those groups differ. But the one thing that every last member of the III% can agree on is this: The government is out of control. It is tyrannical, it is evil, and it is hell-bent on ensuring that every last shred of freedom, of liberty, of human dignity is destroyed along with the principles that this nation was founded on. Their goal is slavery and control; they want a subservient, disarmed population that can do nothing but produce taxes for the government machine. There is no threat too awful for them to make, no act too horrifying for them to commit.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank Kit for an AWESOME piece!
There is a profound difference between agreeing with a choice a particular person makes and respecting a particulate persons right to make their own choice. A great example is the 9mm versus .45ACP, and I suppose open carry versus concealed carry is another. While there is great debate about which is better, which is appropriate, the fact is that the only person who gets to decide which is proper is YOU, for yourself. One person does not get to decide these things FOR another and no democratic vote gets to decide it for everyone. That avenue is the antithesis of individual liberty. The whole point of individual rights is so each is empowered to make their own choices for what is best for themselves.

What Kit explains so plainly here is it is possible to disagree with a choice made by an individual yet respect faithfully and dutifully the right of the individual to choose their own way. Respect. That is the real substance here.

Many use conflation to divide via distraction. When gunners debate long guns versus handguns as it pertains to carry, anti gunners are creaming themselves when this disagreement turns to bitter divides that split up gunners unity. Indeed antis foment this divide as best they can. That is the game played with Kit and Bos now, it is just a distraction attempt to avoid facing a unified point - no matter the disagreements in practice we all supposedly agree on the level of INDIVIDUAL exercise immune to government jackboot persecution.

Well, the real deal here is this- do gunners have the intellectual honesty to set aside 9mm v .45, long versus short and open versus concealed and stand up- together- for keep and bear, or will they allow corrupt journalists to divide and conquer via dishonest tactics?

Mike III

SheepDog said...

Our Oath Keeper's chapter has very nearly dissolved due to this same petty bickering among members, losing sight of the bigger, primary goal.

Anonymous said...

I know all of the parties involved.

I respect all of them and I don't agree with everything on either side.

One thing I have found out in life is when you have people with strong beliefs and opinions there will be disagreements because the stronger something is the harder it is to bend.

We all know there is a coming strong and when that storm does hit, I would have no problem with any one of these fine people on my flank because I would have faith they would hold that flank until they came home on their shield if need be.

When tyranny becomes law
Rebellion becomes duty!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

Too bad about Kit and Anthony's fallout over poking the bear in the eye with a stick. I'm all for poking bear's eyes and letting it know I will not go easily into the night. If we can't poke the bear to warn it then all we are left with is shooting the bear, and it doesn't have to be like that when all everyone wants is to just be left alone.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post by kit, and by all.
I am in 100% agreememt with All!

Anonymous said...

The part quoted on the SSI blogpost is so over the top as to be laughable.

Extremists fall apart because they ARE extremists and irrational. It's hard to find 2 extremists or irrationals who are clones in their beliefs.

'the government is intent on slavery'??