Sunday, October 25, 2015

Don't worry, all you Christians, you're not REALLY being persecuted until they start to kill you. . . Oh, wait, what about Charleston and Roseburg? I guess that doesn't count.

"Let’s Be Clear About What Real Christian Persecution Looks Like."


Chiu ChunLing said...

When you submit to the enemy of your soul, not because he is about to kill you, but because he tells 'jokes' about how much he wants to and makes laws taking away your ability to protect yourself, who cares whether it is 'persecution'?

The actual killers never describe themselves as engaging in 'persecution' either. The 'infidels' or 'bigots' or 'heretics' always had it coming.

So when someone says Christians 'have it coming' for their beliefs, know what they will do if you ever give them the chance. And understand that they'll never call it 'persecution' no matter how many millions they kill.

Sean said...

Many women that have been raped will tell you that the perp first made his way certain, by talking filthy, and watching the reaction of the victim, to see how they reacted. If the victim did not react forcefully and strongly against the filthy talk, the rapist then knew they had a victim who wasn't going to put up much of a fight, nor even scream. That's how a rapist wants things, easy. Christians are being tested right now in America, AND persecuted, to see how much leftists (rapists) can get away with, and how soon they can proceed to do their evil on a wholesale basis. The thought, and talk, most always precedes the action of a criminal. Right now, like the attackers at a krall, they're counting guns before the assault.

Anonymous said...

You don't have any credibility in complaining about persecution until after you have been killed. Maybe not even then, because there may have been a good reason to kill you, such as the fact that you were exhaling carbon dioxide - a pollutant according to the EPA. So shut up. -- Lyle