Friday, October 16, 2015

The Comeuppance of Creepy Obama Crony Kevin Johnson

The White House, which so ostentatiously crusades against sexual harassment and the War on Women, looked the other way. The Obamas and Johnsons are close pals. Reminder: Johnson donated the maximum individual amount to Obama for America, campaigned across the country for Obama in 2008, and bragged to California media during his mayoral run about his friendship and access to both Barack and Michelle Obama.


Uncle Elmo said...

Michelle Malkin's article barely scratches the surface of Kevin Johnson. This guy is nothing but an Obama wannabe. Besides donating to and campaigning for Obama, he's been an invited and honored guest to White House functions several times. In his role as mayor he's shown his statist tendencies, starting with a move to achieve 'strong mayor' status, with the ability to neuter the elected city council and basically become the dictator of Sacramento. Fortunately that attempt was beaten back.

In the city's latest budget he was able to wrangle an increase in money for his office which allowed him to hire 5 or 6 new staffers. I believe the cost was well over one million dollars. But in my opinion his worst offense was to ramrod through the new stadium for the Kings basketball team. He caved to the new Kings owner, and in the process saddled the city with debt of over 300 million dollars. The deal got done through gifts of undervalued city land, obfuscation and manipulation.

This guy's dangerous. And just like Obama, Sacramento loves him.

Anonymous said...

Seems like there is more than one bho 'wannabe' - I would call everyone's attention to the Castro brothers (no, NOT the ones in Cuba) - one is now HUD secretary (yet another useless cabinet level agency) and the other is a (supposedly) US Representative that does NOT represent his constituents but was elected solely on his name recognition.................Look no further than the mutual admiration society fest they had with hills in San Antonio yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Also, I put blame squarely on grown men (and some women) who go nuts for pro sports. When I see an adult wearing their favorite teams jersey and can't talk about much except sports I know the Edward Bernays school of brain washing has grabbed another one. Professional sports was invented to keep men's minds occupied on nonsense so they wouldn't be occupied with important things, like where their country is going. A technological "bread and circuses"..

Josh said...

I can't help but think 0bama and his cabinet are domestic enemies, having levied War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Witness a cabinet full of enemies of the constitution to include muslim brotherhood operatives, and recently 50 tons of munitions airdropped by the US mil to isis. Also something about several thousand former jihadsters being allowed into the country.

U.S. Gives 1,519 Engaged in Terrorism “While Under Duress” Residency, Asylum