Friday, October 16, 2015

Keep beating that anti-firearm drum, you stupid collectivist pukes. We'll see what kind of parade you attract in 2016.

Virginia Governor Takes Executive Action to Institute New Gun Control
LATER: California lieutenant governor unveils gun control ballot measure
California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday unveiled a ballot initiative aimed at strengthening the state's gun control laws by banning possession of large-capacity magazines and requiring background checks for ammunition purchases. Newsom hopes to put the initiative before voters in the November 2016 election.


Anonymous said...

A Carefully-designed Script: Gun Violence and Obama to the Rescue!

The new script being played out by the administration is truly beautiful to watch in its detail and complexity. There are so many characters in this screenplay, and here they are, listed as their performance in the playbill:

Barack Hussein Obama II
The bold, intelligent, courageous Hero

The Media
Faithfully reporting on the Hero’s progress

The true villains: they possess the murderers

AKA: Renquists {as in Stoker’s “Dracula”} they are addled “tools” in the Gun’s hands

The U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment

The Victim(s)
Similar to “The Fallen” in “The Hunger Games,” they are merely reasons for wailing and weeping as portrayed by the media

All others are Stage Props: the schools, communities, the grieving public, etc.

Kenny said...

Blah,blah, blah, gun control. We sure don't see any collectivist pukes calling for more armed security around state run college campus or in schools in general around the state. Jim Webb running (D) at least recognized that the 2nd Amendment does protect those who legally want to protect themselves.

Anonymous said...

Taking executive actions is the only thing the tyrants have left, which is exactly why they are doing it. There is another facet to it though.
The controllers know that their use of executive action will be challenged at some point. They also know that they will lose, because the judiciary will not stand for the executive overstepping into its own law making territory (you know, the usurpation by the judiciary accomplished for itself).

The plan here, now, knowing that their collectivist behinds are going to have their butts handed to them again this election cycle, is to limit the authority of the executives coming down the pike.

Now is the time for us to stop defending against the latest attempted overstep and instead go straight to the false premise they have created.

Now that lefties are openly admitting to "infiltrating the NRA" it is time to stop denying it has already happened. It is time to call spades spades, no matter who doesn't like it. Across the board, call the spades spades! No more fear. No more waiting. No more bowing to "advancing your rights" via "best deals we could get". Enough of the deals.Enough of the Negotiating Rights Away.

Lets have a parade of our own. Expand "I Will Not Comply". No more fundraising and dangling carrots. No more politicians playing both ends against the middle. Exercise rights Individually - apologetically. And tell those saying we are subjected to permission slips to piss off. Those championing permission slips ARE the controllers folks, especially when they wear a NRA hat or a executive badge. They only hold power over us we GIVE just stop giving them that power. Stop being conned into thinking you have no choice but to bow.


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
The dude is "Lame!!!" His "Rhetoric" is "Lame." He even looks "Lame!!" 'Didn't take long after I started reading the article that my mind jogged loose a very old memory. 'Way back in time when Men were Men and Women were proud of it, a musician named Frank Zappa put out a I have to say parody Rock and Roll Album called "Freakout!!" On the back cover there is printed a quote that he made to the crowd at the "Whiskey-A-GoGo" (L.A. Nightclub) on New year's eve 1959,"If your children knew that you were as 'LAME' as you are, they'd murder you in your sleep!!!!".......
'Trouble is "The Gov." is just part of the equation, the other is the lame masses of protoplasm that voted for him!!
Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!,

Anonymous said...

Hillary Shock: Gun Confiscation ‘Worth Looking At’ In U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

... so it is now an offence to open carry a firearm that the person is not lawfully able to possess ... in the Govenor's mansion!

Lame lunatic.


Anonymous said...

Anon - do you have a reference to the left claiming to have infiltrated the NRA?

Thanks -

Anonymous said...

Kalifornia is banning magazines it banned 20 years ago?


Uncle Elmo said...

Has anyone mentioned lately that California sucks?

Anonymous said...

sounds like soap dish candidates all

Anonymous said...

Thank God or Enemies have never been able to (In modern time) been able to get to and or destroy our...
Ability to Manufacture the tools of....Defense and Offense.

We Are The Traitors Manufacturing Base!!
We Design and BUILD the Tools they use and/or will use to Enslave us.
Shit, We are there Security Element!
Doom On Them!!!
(The Jews screwed up the Nazi's damn good.)
Bet they think "we" refers to there like minded minions...
Yeah, go with that thought!

Our Foreign Enemies aren't getting smaller, quite the opposite. As in evidenced with the current state of affairs.
The Idea that they fight harder than the American Freedom laughable.
We will bring, 100 fold the fight!
Technology WILL NOT and CAN NOT SAVE (You) THEM

The Idea that these Socialist Traitors will escape unscathaved or Protected..again laughable.
Do they Really understand, what, The American "Hunter" and his "Deer Rifle" are?
Please Remove your last Fraudulant Support of the Second Amendment.
Yeah, Please go for Full Blown Confiscation, PLEASE!!

I have never seen such.. short sighted, blind, ignorant, self destructive, traitorous people in my life...
as the current Political "Leadership"

They know not, the Fight THEY are Starting.
Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock.......

Anonymous said...

Do they not realize that 10's of millions will flock to the banner of the "Founder's Republic". That we will not go quietly in the night. We are not afraid. They should be. More will die on both sides. Then all wars combined. Behind enemy lines, Ct. I will never stand down .Nor comply. AAA/0. 11B20.

Sedition said...

When the hell is the "Big One" gonna hit and slide that state into the Pacific?
Then we'll find out if all those leftist turds are floaters or sinkers.