Friday, October 30, 2015

Like roaches and rats, Florida sheriffs prefer doing business in the dark, away from public view and understandable citizen outrage.

McKeithen blasts vote on open carry
Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen has come out against what he called a “secret ballot” vote taken by the Florida Sheriff’s Association (FSA) in which a majority of members opposed legislative action to allow open carry of firearms. The controversial proposal (Senate Bill 300) would allow anyone with a Florida concealed-weapons permit to carry that weapon openly wherever they’re allowed to carry concealed weapons. As the bill proceeded through part of the Legislature last week, the FSA released results from a “blind vote” taken the weekend of Oct. 16. About 70 percent of Florida sheriffs were in opposition to the proposal, while only about 15 percent supported the legislation as written and the remaining members either abstained or were unavailable to cast a vote.


Anonymous said...

I emailed everyone on the list to either thank them or encourage their support. Three people responded thus far.

Don Eslinger said, "I appreciate your inquiry but I did not support open carry legislation in 2010 and will not support it in 2016 as open carry is not right for the state of Florida."

Well, I guess that settles it! My work here is done - not!


Anonymous said...

The comments in this story are hilarious.

Ed said...

"If the sheriff doesn’t want to answer, then that is something the sheriff could be probed about."

Sounds painful...

Open carry of a weapon is specifically allowed in Florida under certain circumstances such as when hunting, fishing, camping or going to and from a firing range. However, even then, some police offices have a problem with that as they only thing that they incorrectly remember from their training is "NO OPEN CARRY":

Likewise, if your shirt lifts up, temporarily exposing your normally concealed weapon, then by a Florida law passed in 2011 that is not considered open carry, yet some police officers still arrest those who dare to carry:

Anonymous said...

Frank McKeithen has been one of the best Sheriffs in the country. Him and Joe Arpaio see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues to include 2nd Amendment and deport the illegals.