Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Mormons are ready for ‘Lights Out,’ Ted Koppel writes; everyone else not so much."

In his new book, "Lights Out," the man who has spent 50 years or so on television uses a far older medium to discuss a 21st-century concern: the U.S. power grid and what would happen if it shut off for weeks or months for a large swath of the country.


AC said...

I was sort of confused by the title. There is a book with the same title, about a similar topic, that you could download from a few places - "Lights Out" by HalfFast, rather than Ted Koppel (not great, not awful).

I guess the publisher didn't bother to use google to search for the book title before publication.

Chiu ChunLing said...

"If America is at war with Russia or China, then we have problems greater than a blackout."

This reveals the deeply unserious attitude of the writer towards the implications of a significant failure of the U.S. electrical grid. It can take days or even weeks to deal with local outages because of the time needed to bring in resources from outside the area to make repairs and 'reboot' systems (obviously a lot of the rebooting that needs to be done is quite literal, but coordinating the phase of alternating current across miles of transmission lines is a non-trivial process as well). A failure of the U.S. grid as a whole would exponentially increase the difficulty and time of getting power running again, pushing population centers past their available food supplies which would obviously result in massive civil unrest and further complicate efforts to restore infrastructure.

"[Koppel] devotes six pages to asking, if the LDS Church has given instructions to followers on how to store food and fuel, why hasn't the faith specified when it's OK to shoot hungry beggars.

"Really. Koppel recounts a conversation he had with a Mormon couple in Cody, Wyo., in which he is pressing them on what they are going to do when a crowd of starving people are outside their home wanting their foodstuffs.

"The Wyoming couple said they would give their food to the needy even if it meant going hungry themselves. That answer doesn't seem to satisfy Koppel, who responds in the book by pointing to high rates of gun ownership in the Intermountain West and lack of "don't shoot the hungry person unless" instructions from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He implies Mormons won't be that altruistic when a crowd is beating at their doors."

Obviously some of them won't. The point Koppel seems to be missing is that deciding when it's okay to shoot hungry beggars is the job of government, not religion. A government that fails to answer this question clearly and reasonably enough to control the shooting of hungry beggars (and, you know, everyone else) ceases to govern and loses legitimate authority. That leaves the question open for individuals to decide on their own until some replacement government can fill the void.

Earl Flanigan said...

While book titles in themselves cannot be considered "plagiarism", Teddie hits close to the limits. Wonder if it were to discredit a book with the same title?

Tried posting same on Salt Fake Tribune, but was denied access. Surprised?

Harry_the_Horrible said...

Dean Ing also addressed this in Single Combat.

Anonymous said...

Old Ted must have had an "Oh Crap" moment over the past few years. Any prepper would know the LDS Church has been at this for a long time. Most of the long term storage food companies are run by Mormons. My Mormon friends have no problem defending their homes and preparations from the unprepared. Their biggest threat will come from government agents whom will steal their preps by decree.

TimeHasCome said...

When I went to my local LDS cannery in California to buy supplies . I asked the cannery director what was the purpose of the two huge grain silos outside of the building . He stated that the silos were set aside for the local city , to feed the people if necessary . I asked for how long would the grain hold out . He stated in eight days and they would be empty.
These canneries are open to anyone , member or non member . Everything is sold at cost . And yes I would share my food to keep folks alive . There is a misconception that Mormons are like the Amish and totally pacifist . That is not correct , if a person were to attack a Mormon family they will have the privilege of being shot by some of the finest firearms made.
Every tyrant has used food as a weapon . Stalin was the master of starvation . He knew after a week of not so much as a meal people lost all will to fight.

Anonymous said...

Koppel working for Obama and the Establishment, is Trying to Subtly Pre-Condition the American people beforehand,that there Will be an EMP Strike, so we will more readily accept Martial Law and the accompanying Taking away of all of Our God Given Civil Rights and Civil Liberties that will accompany any shutting down of our power Grid.

What Koppel is not telling you, is that any shutting down of our power grid, will be because Obama and company hit the "Kill Switch" and it will not be because Iran,China,Russia,North Korea etc did.