Tuesday, October 27, 2015

David Codrea: "Lott’s Response to Demographic Impact on 2nd Amendment Silent on Immigration.'

"(W)hile Winkler’s conclusion (that NRA needs to get even squishier) reflects academic wishful thinking insulated from 'We Will Not Comply' enforcement realities, the demographic threat he identifies that will enable legislative and judicial evisceration of government-recognized gun rights has been completely ignored in Lott’s rebuttal. Lott does not address growing anti-gun populations, particularly as reflected by Hispanics and Asians, who poll overwhelmingly (up to 80%) anti-gun and Democrat. Completely unmentioned are the effects tens of millions of legal immigrants and illegal immigrants given amnesty will have in conjunction with the 'pathway to citizenship' being mapped out by vote-seeking Democrats and cheap labor Republicans. In truth, by stating a reality the establishment would rather we not notice, Winkler has given us an unintended gift. Rather than rejecting his thesis outright, we ought to seize on it and use it to defend against the biggest threat facing gun owners: Politically-motivated policies encouraging massive immigration leading to citizenship."


Chiu ChunLing said...

At the end of the day, the NRA is 'demographically doomed' only because it can no longer effectively fool anyone that cares about the single issue it ostensibly exists to address. Hispanics and Asians have nothing to do with it.

There is only one thing that matters in gun-control. Who is physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to control their guns by pulling the trigger when anyone else tries to take them away.

If you don't have a gun ready to fire, then you aren't physically prepared. If you don't have a clear theoretical understanding of when pulling the trigger is necessary to retain control of your gun, then you aren't mentally prepared.

And if you are unwilling to kill police should they attempt to take away your ability to defend yourself, you aren't emotionally prepared.

I stand ready. Ever more so as events progress towards the decisive moment.

Anonymous said...

You make one error worth pointing out.
Cops don't come try to confiscate firearms. Criminals attempt to steal them from you and conspire to violate your rights.

There is a profound difference between those who honor their oaths and those who don't. It is proper to discriminate between the two.

Anonymous said...

And you, Anon at 7:26, make the error that any cop who has "enforced" a drug law is actually upholding his oath.

The fact is: either YOU own your body or the STATE does.

If a cop is "just following orders" when he confiscates your gun, then he's "just following orders" when he arrests you for putting a substance in your body that the government doesn't approve of.

"Oh, but one is a constitutionally protected right!", you'll say.....

How does that comport with the fact that there is no liberty whatsoever without control over one's own body?


Someone who has never and will never do illicit drugs, regardless of whether or not the state deems such use legal.

Chew Choad Long said...

Yessiree, it has nothing to do with 10s of millions of new Democrat voters, it's all about the NRA losing trust & I don't have to do anything but tell people in blog comments I stand ready & prepared which is tons easier than actually doing anything. WOOVERINES!

Chiu ChunLing said...

Honestly, actually doing something wasn't that much harder than posting on blogs.

It did hurt a hell of a lot more...in fact I'm still maimed as a result and it still hurts quite a bit. Just not as badly. Or the nerve damage has kicked in...ah, nerve damage, how would we live without you?

Anonymous said...

John Lott/Mary Rosh has been debunked numerous times. His research is crap. Why is he still relevant?