Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"If Worms Had Machine Guns, Birds Would Be Scared Of Them." Three from Herschel Smith.

Florida Sheriffs On Open Carry
Austrians Stocking Up On Guns
There’s a lesson in that for us all, but one has to wonder whether what the feds are thinking is a little darker. We can’t let them have machine guns because then we would be scared of them, whereas now we can eat them up as we wish. Hence, GCA and NFA. But the analogy breaks down in who is the bird and who is the worm. In our case, the worms do have the machine guns, no?


Chiu ChunLing said...

The hour is getting late for cops to either demonstrate that they can put their departments in order or admit that there isn't any point in even trying.

Any cop doing anything other than preparing to answer to the armed militia for his current actions is whistling past the graveyards of American history.

Anonymous said...

Machine guns have but one use, that is to break contact or the first few seconds of a ambush. Thinking that using a M/G is the be all in a fire fight, shows the depth of none training a person has. Having the go switch when needed for the aforementioned is great but even then only for a person who has been trained on how to lay a base of fire.
A true worry for those who think they are untouchable or any large group is the person (man or women) who has a scoped rifle with the skill set to deploy and employ it correctly. Then you have the final level of worry, those who know all the tricks with items from Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, NAPA, Ace Hardware ect, who have nothing to lose. Never start something w/o thinking it completely thru. Anything on a national level in the US an oppressors, supporters of same and their family's will die wholesale.

Herschel Smith said...

@Anonymous 0550 Hours,

My son was a SAW gunner in the USMC. I know very well the role of automatic weapons in the development of area suppression fire. And the SAW gunners were relied upon for MUCH more than the "first few seconds of an ambush." The entire construction and training of a fire team is set up for the riflemen to protect the SAW gunner. Without the SAW gunner, squad rushes would not occur, and they were even integral to room clearing operations. And by the way, Marines rarely if ever break contact. They seek it out and finish the job.

Sean said...

Anon, 5:50, you are correct, sir. In VN, Chuck would either open up on us with an MG, or a few shots, or a Claymore. We, in return, after getting flat on the ground, would return fire with an MG, to suppress and fire and maneuver to close with and destroy the VC. It has been this way since MGs were first available, and it is today. Exceptions are large formations of people/vehicles/objects and from aircraft. Employed at the ground level, they have to be used judiciously to avoid wasting ammo, and to avoid attracting a high level of enemy attention. Often it was the case of us being engaged, and everyone in the platoon opening up on full auto, in every direction, causing no enemy casualties, and wasting thousands of rounds of ammo. A rifle platoon can easily go through 4 twenty round magazines in about three minutes (thirty men), expending 2400 rds, with no effect. Fire control, and putting rounds ON TARGET are the two most critical jobs of the squad leader, and I've been one.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Suppressive fire is useful.

It cannot actually resolve a firefight anymore than airstrikes can secure territory, but it is the primary use of MG's and they do it brilliantly.

Of course, it's pretty hard on your logistics compared to some more efficient applications of firepower.

But still, if worms had machine guns birds would be scared of them, and that is a significant part of the whole point. If making the enemy too scared to attack is just as good as killing them....