Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Greatest Threat to the U.S. Army (And It's Not Russia, China or Iran)

We might call that the Euro-American take on the Chinese anti-access strategy: enough anti-ship (anti-tank) missiles are probably cheaper than ships (tanks).


Anonymous said...

The beginning of secession? Texas wants to nullify all federal gun laws

In fact, according to recent reports, Texas political leaders -- raw after a series of run-in's with the Obama White House over its refusal to protect national boundaries and enforce immigration law -- may be about to adopt a measure that would essentially nullify all federal gun laws, a move which would be perceived as a direct challenge to federal authority by a hyper-political administration.

A Texas legislator has introduced a new bill to derail the enforcement of virtually all federal gun control measures within the state's borders.

Anonymous said...

Video Proof: CNN Caught Lying About Trump – Obama Does Back Gun Confiscation

Chiu ChunLing said...

"Gentlemen, We Have Run Out Of Money; Now We Have to Think."

No, you have to think before you run out of money. When you run out of money it is past time for you to think. And when you're trillions of dollars in the hole, you're waaaaaay past just being 'out of money'.

Tanks may be formidable to other ground forces, but they have significant logistical needs, and however well a tank can defend itself, no tank ever built can defend its own logistical train.

These points are not totally unrelated, particularly for a military considering fighting a civil war in the middle of a historically unprecedented economic collapse.

Anonymous said...

The greatest threat to the U.S. military is the collectivists/neocons. In the District of Criminals/Globalist masters they serve. "Not "We the People". Behind enemy lines, Ct.