Friday, October 23, 2015

David Codrea on the NRA and Open Secrets.

"That's some secret. Some of us have been screaming as loud as we can about this for years, doing everything we can to get the gun groups to acknowledge the danger to the "single issue" and to take proactive steps to educate their members and pressure politicians with grade adjustments. It's not our fault if those warnings have been ignored and marginalized so as not to rock the access boat."


PO'd American said...

Add to this article the "fact" that the Repubs are now appearing to back Ryan for
Speaker. He's a known Rat Bastard that sees open borders as a plus for this country. Call your reps and demand that they NOT support His Royal Hind-ass for Speaker. I have.

WarriorClass III said...

You can use this link to send a letter to your congressman:

If you sign up with GOA, you will get notices and pre-written letters that you can email very easily, and you can modify those letters to tell your congressman that you are opposed to any further immigration, legal or illegal.

DAN III said...

PO'ed American,

"Call your reps..." Why ? They will vote for Ryan and screw us. Then the same fools they screwed with Ryan will ree-elect "their" representative !

Wake up !