Friday, October 30, 2015

"O’Malley: I’m Not Going To Answer Your Question Because I Need To Talk About Gun Control"

O’Malley then segued into a pro-gun control bit, noting that Democrats have had a long discussion about gun safety. He hopes that some questions of that sort will be asked of the Republicans in their debates, especially why can’t we find a backbone to expand background checks and stand up to the National Rifle Association.


Anonymous said...

Here is how one nails this prick.
Have Ted Cruz talk all about the current state of affairs regarding the progression of case law regarding the Second Amendment. Have Ted explain the Heller-McDonald-Miller trifecta and what it means for the ability of government, state government included, to infringe. Explain Strict Scrutiny and how it keeps government from exacting impositions on the First Amendment like those he seeks to impose on the Second. Then, show him what even SCOTUS has already admitted - "The Second Amendment is no different."

End the education lesson with Ted Cruz asking this prick the exact same questions he nailed Diane Feinstein with when she tried her Resurrection of her rifle ban.He will wilt and falter and look for a place to hide just like Dianne did.

Fair enough, we gun folk know full well the false construct that is this trio, that is "case law", that in some ways Heller and McDonald are at war with each other on even the most basic levels. True enough, we understand the utter idiocy that claims the 2nd requires the 14th to "function", but that is a argument for another day. What matters this day, for our purposes of deconstructing the current gun control, is that the Heller-McDonlad-Miller trio makes OUR point in THEIR house, on their grounds and on their terms. We already have the WIN and we have it on their supposed premise and construct. We should NAIL them to the wall on it.

Why? Because their only way out is to either admit that anything they seek to apply to the Second can be applied to the First - which effectively ends ther political careers, or they admit that gun control as they built it is dead...forcing them to do what we have long said. Focus on the CRIMINALS and their ACTIONS rather than the guns! Either way - we win and they lose.

Jack Crabb said...

Martin Owe'Malley is a wormy, lying, sleazy piece of shit. As a resident of The People's Republik of MAryland, I have had my fill of this ass clown. He deserves to be polling where he is.