Friday, October 23, 2015

Confiscation is in the air. So, California is where the next civil war starts. And the face of its sponsor is alcoholic, womanizing Gavin Newsom.

A pretty face with an empty head and corrupt soul to go with it.
Meet Gavin Newsom. Newson is the alcoholic, womanizing Lieutenant Governor of California and he has a bright idea:
"Gavin Newsom proposes sweeping gun-control ballot measure."
Newsom sez: ""If you're going to do something, go big." Well, I guess a bloody civil war is big enough. Here's some of what he proposes to achieve with a ballot initiative paid for by Mike Bloomberg's money:
"Newsom's measure would require owners to turn the outlawed magazines into police for destruction, sell them to a licensed firearms dealer or move them out of the state."
"Newsom's measure also would require licensing of ammunition sellers and instantaneous point-of-sale background checks for all ammunition purchases to weed out those convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor, those with restraining orders against them or those declared dangerously mentally ill. No other state requires background checks for ammunition purchases."
There is little doubt that Newsom, with Bloomberg's money, can get a win out of the Kommunist Kleptocracy of Kalifornia. Newsom apparently believes that this tyranny is immune from the unintended consequences of armed civil disobedience. There they go, extrapolating other folks' behavior from their own moral cowardice again.


rexxhead said...

Are the numbers of Californians willing to oppose large enough? My bias against California requires me to restrain my exuberance ;-)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Newsom should exercise a less bellicose form of persuasion.

Anonymous said...

"No other state requires background checks for ammunition purchases." Well kind of, you do have to have a "FOID" card, Firearm Owners ID, (for which the State Police have previously vetted you) in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Illinois. We can see how well that works in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Illinois requires a FOID card to purchase and to possess even one round of ammunition. It takes a background check to get a FOID. The state police website has an instant check function to double check the validity of a FOID card in real time if a Citizen has any question whatsoever.

So no, it is not quite true that no states have a background check for ammunition.

As this FOID is also required for any possession, purchase and sale of firearms, and contrary to what bill oriely reported on show - FOID is not a license to carry....that's another license altogether, even then it's a severely limited only concealed carry permission - I would have to ask Gavin Newsome how the heck he thinks his ideas are new and how he thinks they will solve anything.

Anonymous said...

Newsome is owned by Bloomberg. Like both collectivist political parties in Gov.[D]im Wit Dannel Malloy's fiefdom of Ct. Permit/Foid needed to purchase weapons/ammo. A common hunting license doesn't make the grade any more. To bad for Ct's Fudd's. After Sandy Hook ,they had a rude awakening. Ct/NY, is most likely ground zero. For the 2nd shot heard around the world. Behind enemy lines, Ct.

Joel said...

As I recall, this isn't the first time California retroactively banned a previously-permitted item - an SKS variant, as I recall - and supposedly the cops were going to go door to door and collect them. Didn't happen, and few were voluntarily turned in. The law is still on the books, but nobody asks and nobody tells. What few freedom-loving people still occupy Kali have learned to lay low.

I lived there for a while when we were all supposed to have nothing but 10-round mags. I had a couple for public show with my M1A, and a dozen 20-rounders for private. Still have'em, for that matter...

Anonymous said...

"Newsom apparently believes that this tyranny is immune from the unintended consequences of armed civil disobedience."

"Unintended" you say. That of course is an assumption, and I do not necessarily share in it.

Newsom may very well be clueless, but surely his handlers have some idea of what they are doing. If this lesson wasn't learned via study of the history of Man, surely it was well-learned and absorbed into the Progressive movement during the Prohibition era of 1920-1933. I used to say that we never learned the lessons of Prohibition, but now I say that we did and Alinsky/Cloward-Piven wing of the Progressive movement is using it for all it's worth.

So what you refer to as "unintended" I see as very likely a key part of the plan. They've been wanting us to lash out for so long now, they're getting extremely impatient. This is where they do the dumbest shit. -- Lyle

Anonymous said...

Not one shot will be fired. The Anti's have finnally realized what some of us have known for years. Too few will fight to have any effect. Most will try to hide a few weapons in vain. But like down under the majority will simply give in. If a real "civil war" were to break out it would take better men than most alive today. The other thing the Anti's have realized is that most of us "hard core" "cold dead hands" types are over 50 years old and over 250 pounds , sick or only brave behind the keyboard. I plan to die fighting if the left imposes gun confiscation. But I know I'll die alone, a dogs death, and for nothing. Because it is better to die free than see my child die in a federal death camp.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Ultimately, it reinforces my belief that economic collapse and global instability will lead us to civil war, not the other way round.

The kleptocrats issue their untenable demands, and only fools and cowards obey, while the sane dismiss and evade the supposed authority of criminals to make and administer laws they do not themselves observe. The challenge is implicit or open, it is ignored either way by the increasingly delusional collectivists living in their cinematic fantasy of personal irresponsibility.

Meanwhile, the trucks slowly stop bringing goods from producers to consumers, the inventive and insightful drop out of the fiat economy, the astronomical numbers claimed as wealth cease to have any utility in actual capacity to initiate any new production...and the abyss of impossible debts begins to swallow the margin. And everywhere, men who understand the weaknesses of the global status quo prepare to shape the outcome of its inevitable collapse, like demolition experts placing charges on a condemned building.

We will have to fight to survive, in the event. Civil war is beyond inevitable, it is imminent. But it will be a bitter joke to refer to most of those we must kill as agents of 'government'.

We'll kill many of those too, and with a will sustained by deep and abiding anger once the full consequences of their malfeasance have been laid bare for all to see.

But we won't be the only ones killing them and theirs.