Friday, October 16, 2015

Digging her electoral grave with her mouth.

Hillary: Australia-style gun control ‘worth looking at’


Anonymous said...

As usual, she's lying her fat ass off. The Australians may have been paid a pittance for guns they turned in but the government set the price as well as the deadline for "turn them in by this date or you become a criminal and we will send the police to your house to take them whether you want to give them up or not".

Try that here and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Trust me - youall DON'T want to be like Australians ...

Kiwi III


Anonymous said...

For Confiscation or 2A Removal to happen it will require..
The Full Scale Withdrawl of All American Forces World Wide.
Assuming they' support your Suicide Bomber Mentality.
Simply...There are To Many of US!

That equals...Your own Suicide and Destruction of this Country
Be...That Guy.
Pull that Trigger DNC, RINO's, Traitor's
Better yet...Slap that Trigger.
Please, Be those Assholes

Galaxie_Man said...

The "collectivist pukes" want more and more. Only full citizen disarmament might finally satisfy them. The uninformed voters will have no problem voting for that c**t, regardless of what she spews. Their idea of freedom is government freebies.

The limit of Patriot tolerance has been hit post Sandy Hook

I now say "roll it ALL back"! (1990's gun free kill zones, 1986 FOPA, 1968 GCA, 1934 NFA) Only 2nd Amendment Constitutional RKBA will satisfy me. NO NICS, NO PERMITS, NO REGISTRATION, NO FORM 4473, NO STATE LAWS. Buy a firearm (or any weapon) like you buy a can of peas.

I am proud to be a member of The Armed Civil Disobedience since 1994 (before it really had a name. I just knew compliance was giving in to EVIL!)

As always.....their move.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY. an enemy of our Republic WORTHY of of my respect. The masks are off and the wolves are gathering. No more pretending or hiding their true intent. dropping their stone into the lake never imagining that the wave that comes back will be a thousand feet high and where will they go to escape it? while these fascists are busy running their mouths and selling us out they do not truly see the destruction headed their way. I am as ready as I will ever be. every week that goes by is one more week to prepare. My fellow Americans we have them by their balls. - The Bellevue Headhunter.

Anonymous said...

In baseball, three outs retire a side. The same for the leftists when they try this.



Longbow said...

As David says:

No. Your move.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is we better get out in the general election and vote for the Republican nominee no matter who it is. Staying home or voting for a 3rd-party candedate will definitely get the Hildabeast elected!

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

In New Haven Ct. The police dept. pays $ 400 for a AR15. On a civilian buyback. Kind of like eminent domain. Behind enemy lines, Ct. I will not stand down. Nor comply. AAA/O. 11B20.

Josh said...

I wonder what other rights she feels the people don't need?

Anonymous said...

Any attempt at confiscation WILL start a civil war. If only ten percent of gun owners get pissed off enough to join the rebel forces, that will be around fifteen million fighters. I personally think it will be a much higher number. But to give the other side a fairer chance, I'll keep my estimates conservative.

The shear numbers they will have to face will cause a lot attrition in the ranks of both law enforcement and military reserves, further weakening their side. At that point, we'll have to decide how far we want to take the rebellion. Do we force them to simply stop and give up their confiscation plans, or do we drive forward and remove all the liberals from positions of power?

I vote for the second option, because if we simply make them stop, it will only be temporary. Liberals never change their minds and give up. They have to be physically, and forcibly removed from power. Wisdom and prudence says you have to do something to make sure they never come back and try their immoral coup again. So either you charge them with constitutional violations and put them in prison, forever taking away their voting rights, their ability to ever hold public office again and label them enemies of the state forcing them into political silence, deport them to any socialist country willing to take them, or you execute them. One way or another, they have to be stopped and prevented from doing this ever again.

Rivenshield said...

I took my godson (his father is a tenured high school science teacher who worships Obama and wants my AR-15 to be ground up for scrap, which is why we don't talk much these days) and his best friend to a Scouting campout on the SF peninsula last month. Neither set of parents could be bothered, though they expressed great gratitude and showered me with cash that almost paid for the 240-mile drive each way.

While I was there, I sat and listened to one of the Scout moms complain about how this year she actually had to pay taxes on the three rental properties she owns. After that the topic turned to gun control, and about how her father was a lifetime NRA member who taught her to respect guns, but gosh darn it we need to get rid of those semi-automatics. Why do you need that, she asked, laughing.

Another mom comes from a military family, and is proud of the fact that her uncle, grandfather, and son all serve. She nodded her agreement. Stop saying it's against the Constitution, she said. Everybody celebrate everything, she said. Too much anger and too much hate. Her son in law is Jewish and she has a menorah in her window and it's wonderful and if he was a Muslim she would do the same thing.... Somewhere along the way the topic of the newly sighted wolves in Siskyou County came up, and I tried to fill them in on what a bloodthirsty disaster the reintroduction of big Arctic wolves into ranching country has been. They were astonished. They wanted to believe that this was a wonderful thing. But I didn't see that on any web site, Mrs Three Rental Properties pouted.

These were nice people and loving parents who spent their spare time building a deck around the cabin where the Scouts were staying. They did their work with their own hands and used the best of materials. They have a lot of money and a good work ethic and a wonderful spirit of volunteerism, and I imagine they see nothing wrong with anything Hillary, Gavin Newsom, and company say or do.

They are typical of the new blue-state suburban oligarchy. It would be tempting to write them off as stupid, or corrupt, or as wannabe tyrants, but I'm sorry. It's not that simple. A lot of them are wonderful, intelligent, capable, pro-social people who have made their own money. They control vast chucks of our economy and they are convinced they know best, and they are utterly unmoored from the mores and the system of laws that shaped this country. They are deeply moral, but have no standards. They are a product of a civilization so rich and so safe and so nimble that perhaps it was inevitable that such a class arise.

I wish you could have sat around that fire and listened to them talk. Then you would realize what we are up against. And you would be properly terrified.

Sedition said...

I'll die buried waist deep in spent brass before I give up my 2nd Amendment, or any other right, protected by the Bill of Rights.

Anonymous said...

I spent the day setting up my loading press for .308 Winchester. Gonna find a load that my new Rem 700 SPS AAC SD likes for 800 to 1000 yards. Am I getting ready for deer or elk season? No...not really. (It may come in handy if I need some meat after the economy collapses).

No. Just want to be able to shoot accurately from a long way off. Did I mention there's a Gemtech HVT screwed on the muzzle of that rifle? You never know when you'll need to make a really long shot (while maintaining the secrecy of the location of your 'hide'). Besides that, suppressors improve the accuracy of your rifle.

All riflemen should have one.

Anonymous said...

About getting America back to it's moral foundation? Civil War is worth looking at! Don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

Ok GreyBeard, or shall I say Mr Mullah? I'll bite.
Let's say the nominee is gun grabbing Muslim lover Chris Christie. How is your "vote R no matter who it is" strategy working for us then? Hmm? Drop the bullshit establishment party line! You fruit loops don't get to blame US anymore for YOUR buddies corruption that has driven a huge wedge / stake / into the heart of the Republican Party. You fools have been spouting that line for so long that you almost succeeded in making the Republican Party almost entirely run by DEMOCRATS! Poss off with that noise cuz we ain't trying to hear that crap anymore. You and yours are exposed as the fraudsters you are.

If Hillary is elected it will be because you fools refuse to admit that you don't get to own our votes and blame us for "worse" if we won't vote for your "less worse". Nope, in that case, you and your "vote for any R" crew will be responsible for FAILING. Failing to con us again. Failing to fight off even the likes of Hillary friggin Clinton. Failing to even tell anything remotely resembling truth.

The ONLY way Hillary eels this out is if your party brethren decide to try to play the game you just played and stick us all with another Romney. Another McCain. Another Dole. Another BUSH!! You fools will NOT without us - we have proven it again and again. You fools couldn't even beat Obama!!!!

So here is the real score. You party pukes are gonna sit down, stop the trite "blame anyone who dares even question the (R) party decision and shush. You are going to relinquish authority you claim but don't have to start with. You are going to stand down the nasty campaign tricks and even the behind closed door bribed kickbacks and threats. Folks aren't bowing to your "gotta vote for any (R) or you are to blame TERRORISM anymore. Cuz it is a LIE.

You better take notice old guard GreyBeard - the fault is YOURS. Play your same old game and this nation WILL have Hillary... and the war that results will be on your inability to stop your insanity. We will not be bullied into accepting another false candidate. Either it is a genuine defender of the republican form of government or you go the way of the Whigs. That is your choice. You are in no position to bark at us about the (R). That (R) hold precisely ZERO merit. ZERO. It's own track record is why.

Take your blame game and shove it, mmmm k? See, I mean you no disrespect here, I just send right back the belittling condiscension you sent out. It's return fire. No more will we hold our noses and vote AGAINST the democrat. That is not a winning strategy and if that is the best your "party" has to bring to bear - so be it. You can lose and YOU can shoulder the blame. The rest of us want something to vote FOR, as you play politics of destruction and opposition. It is pathetic that you do not have the sense - especially after Romney to understand that the old ways just aren't going to work anymore.....