Thursday, October 29, 2015

VDH: The Decline of Modern Germany

"The new post-Cold War Germany was evolving into the leader of the West, especially during the American recessional from world affairs orchestrated by President Barack Obama. No more. In just the last six months Germany in general, and Merkel in particular, have imploded. Merkel's disastrous decision to open the borders of Germany -- and with them Europe's as well -- is proving both selfish and suicidal."


Anonymous said...

I read "The Camp of the Saints."

As with "Atlas Shrugged" I know "The Camp of the Saints" to be a cautionary tale.

Whereas the "elites" always seem to think such books are blueprints for the coming utopia.


Josh said...

Lol Merkel is Germany's 0bama!
(ie there to ensure the ruin of the place)

Harry_the_Horrible said...

These days "Camp of the Saints" is not a cautionary tale, but a battle plan.