Friday, October 23, 2015

Trying to make up for yesterday, I've put up a lot of posts so far this morning.

Thirteen by my latest count. Perhaps more later but I've got to get going on some other projects.


drjim said...

Don't over do it, Mike!

Sedition said...

You could post once a day and I would still come to read your wisdom. Like was said before, don't over do it. Keep yourself healthy first...there are enough of us cantankerous bastards out here to fill in the gaps when necessary.
God knows that I'm an opinionated prick.

Anonymous said...

I visit, haven't ever commented before, the only people you owe anything to are you and your family. The rest of us are grateful for what you do and provide. You shouldn't feel like you need to make up for anything, because in fact you don't.

Burning the candle at both ends, around the middle and up the back side is a quick way to use yourself up. Those that appreciate you don't hold you to a performance standard and those that don't, well there is nothing to be accomplished by giving them the satisfaction of watching you burn yourself out.

Slow down, take care of the family and we'll still be here waiting for your incredible and substantial knowledge and efforts.

Thanks for what you do.