Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wolf Free Zone


Chiu ChunLing said...

Except that we don't rely on wolves to keep prey animals safe from wolves.

We rely on guns.

Anonymous said...

Clever cartoon...

Defensive Training Group said...

Oughta say, "Sheepdog Free Zone" (CPL holder, etc)....

Anonymous said...

The cartoon was to show a parallel between "gun free" zones, and "wolf free" zones. Which are neither gun or wolf free.

A subtle cartoon. About as subtle as a smack upside the head with a wet fish.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Looks more like a sheep dog free zone to me, don't ya know?

MikeH. said...

"Except that we don't rely on wolves to keep prey animals safe from wolves".

There are three types of people in the world; sheep, wolves and sheepdogs.

Sheep vastly outnumber wolves and sheepdogs tens of thousands to one. But sheep, being prey animals, don't have the brains or balls to put trust in their numbers to provide for a common defense against the wolves.

Wolves outnumber sheepdogs thousands to one. But wolves, being the cowardly parasites they are, will (for the most part) fear a full-on confrontation with the well armed (mentally, physically and materially) sheepdogs. Determined wolves will, however, look for any means to circumvent the sheepdogs and continue to prey on the sheep.

Sheepdogs are, for the most part, a curious lot. They receive little or no recognition from the sheep they protect. In fact, because they are stronger and more confident creatures, sheep fear the sheepdogs as much as they do the wolves. Of course, the wolves prey upon this fear to vilify the sheepdog in the eyes of the sheep, leading the weaker ones away from the protection of the sheepdogs and off to their demise.

In the end, and despite a bad press from sheep and wolves alike, the sheepdogs remain committed to their ideals and stand ready to face certain personal dangers in the protection of those too weak or too apathetic to protect themselves.

Therefore, it is we, the sheepdogs (who makeup maybe a mere three percent of the populace) that rely on guns for the job at hand. And it's the wise sheepdog who realizes the fact that; of the many sheep who own guns, damn few will have the guts to stand with the sheepdog when the wolf pack is at the gate.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Actually, we're supposed to have shepherds and knackers too.

A shepherd without sheepdogs may lack an advantage, but can still ward off even ravening lions from the flock. But sheepdogs without any shepherds face a choice between starvation and becoming wolves themselves.

I misspoke when I said we're 'supposed to' have knackers. But a dying society will attract them, and there's not much for the shepherds to do but strike the best deal they can. I guess the sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves are better off enjoying their ignorance as long as they can, since it's not like the knacker will make any deals with them.

As for guns...a shepherd who let's his sheepdogs fight wolves without all the help he can give them is a hell of a fool, and it won't take long for the wolves to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you go ahead and be a sheepdog, and be sure to lick your master's hand. I am a lion, and your "classifications" are meaningless to me.

Ed said...

That may have been a "WOLF FREE ZONE" with sheep having no need of sheep dog, until it was not when the wolf arrived.

With all the sheep now consumed, the wolf will move on to find other prey elsewhere to feed on, and it will indeed again be a "WOLF FREE ZONE" there.

So, what is a "GUN FREE ZONE"? That is a place where most of us (but not all) will be arrested if we are caught by a police officer if we possess a gun. What that means is that a gun will not be detected until it is seen, and requires that a police officer to be readily available to do the arresting. In the meantime, a whole lot of shooting may have occurred, justified or unjustified. A "GUN FREE ZONE" sign does nothing to prevent that, but provides a reason to arrest if a gun is detected, hopefully before unjustified shooting starts. That is not reassuring. Arresting someone for a justified shooting in a "GUN FREE ZONE" is counter productive.

Do not rely on signs to protect you, and insist that nonsensical ones are removed and never posted.