Thursday, October 29, 2015

The mask comes completely off. The only folks who had a worse night than Bush were the "mainstream" media.

CNBC’s really bad debate night
Surprise! John Harwood Lied About Marco Rubio’s Tax Plan
Cruz Rips Press At CNBC Debate: "This Debate Illustrates Why We Can Not Trust The Media"


TheBohunk said...

LOL. That moment where Carl Quintenella realized he doesn't know what a Menshevik is.

Anonymous said...

Took the TV out years ago, because of this very issue, as well as programming that was unfit for children at "ANY TIME". The media is just as complicit (if not more so)in the down fall of this nation as those who are elected to protect an preserve, from the blood of those who died fighting for it. The only thing that motivates the media is money and when needing ratings, they will feed like sharks. When the reckoning starts, media magnets will be just that, magnets. Chose your path, reap the rewards, good or otherwise. When fireman arrive they spray water on the smoke just as well as the flames. Choose your path wisely,

Anonymous said...

CNBC and the severely biased media lost big time! The moderators were condescending, snotty we know better than you progressives. And Ted Cruz let them have both barrels!

A good night for the republicans at the debate.

The BIG loser was was CNBC moderator John Harwood, who blatantly lied about the tax plan proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio.

A bad day for Republicans in Washington who voted to increase the debt by 80 Billion! Ass Holes! And you idiots wonder why we are angry??????????
McConnell is the next one thrown out!

Anonymous said...

To be replaced with another CFR lackey. Behind enemy lines.