Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Obama and Hillary Both Show Cards with Praise for Australian ‘Gun Control.'

Never one to disregard his political ally Rahm Emanuel’s advice and let a crisis go to waste, Barack Obama exploited the Umpqua murders to laud citizen disarmament efforts via gun bans in Great Britain and Australia. Hillary Clinton, in response to a question at a New Hampshire town hall meeting, declared an Australian-style national gun “buyback” would be “worth considering doing … on a national level.”


ontoiran said...

i'm still trying to figure out WHO is going to enforce this? the cops they're so quick to throw to the blm wolves? the "new" army they've been doing social experiments on? the national guard guy who lives down the street? when it does come to this, how many people can they REALLY count on to sacrifice themselves for the dear old dnc and dear leader? i know there will be some; but when the shooting really gets going, the true believers are going to quickly find out they've underestimated the opposition

Anonymous said...

Obama views the Internet as a threat.


Anonymous said...

Powerful! Latest NRA Ad With Black Woman from Projects Will Leave You Speechless


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm an Australian and a recreational shooter and hunter, and what the hoplophobic idiots did here;

1. Cannot work in your society, and

2. Did not work in my society.

Basically, our home-grown hoplo's used a massacre by a madman (which could have been stopped by any armed citizen) as a way to 'ban' semi-automatic rifles and limit all pistols. Naturally, none of this affected the criminals, they still have plenty of both becuase (funny this) criminals don't obey the law.

Anyway, hoplo's are stupid as well as ignorant. And there were a few people writing the 'new rules' who were on our side. So lever actions were not banned, semi-auto rifles are still permitted for professional feral animal control shooters and collectors, and they slipped in a little clause that membership of a rifle club or shooting association was a valid reason for gun ownership. The hoplo's never even spotted it.

The result was that in 1996 about 12% of the population owned a firearm and it dropped to about 11%. It's now 15% and young people are taking up the sport in droves.

Bear in mind that while you guys are a Constitutional revolutionary republic and very deliberately were NOT set up as a democracy in the full sense of that term (as your voluntary voting and constitutional college system show), we are a constitutional monarchy which was set up as a democracy in the full sense of the term (we have compulsory attendance at a polling station on voting day for example).

So our two societies are radically different.

A major difference is that we are more vulnerable to idiots, socialists and hoplophobes - but I repeat myself.

Keep up the good fight, from over here it looks like you are winning.

Mark of Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Do You Support Second Amendment? You Will After Watching This Gruesome Video…

This brutal attack was posted on Facebook today.

What’s more disturbing is that no one came to the woman’s aid – and that others laughed at the vicious assault.


Anonymous said...

still trying to figure out who's going to go door to door and confiscate guns. the cops that the liberals are always throwing to the blm wolves? the "new" army that the liberals have been doing "social experiments" on? the national guard guy down the street? the sheriffs' deputy whose family lives on the next block? the gun grabbers/liberals/statists/progressives need to come to terms with the fact that they have made enemies on ALL sides. and when the shooting starts the true believers are going to realize that 1)they have seriously underestimated the opposition and 2) they have seriously OVERESTIMATED their ability to carry out their promises; just like all the other promises they've made over the last 100 yrs

Anonymous said...

It's going to take a revolution to settle this America versus Liberalism thing. If these collectivists pass more restrictive gun control and ignore the role of 'gun free zones' in these shootings, the stage will be set. Time to top off your ammo supply.

Galaxie_Man said...

October 20, 2015 at 8:19 AM Anonymous said:

"still trying to figure out who's going to go door to door and confiscate guns"

I'll tell you who. All of the ARMED federal alphabet agencies (FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, DHS, BATF, EPA, DEA, HHS, DOE, USPS, etc, etc, etc.) All are filled with un-elected bureaucratic drones that will be more than willing to "just follow orders". They will shoot you, your wife, your kids, and your pets/livestock.

It is these fine examples of collectivist pukes I will have no problem disposing of. Once they're gone (dead or running away, doesn't matter to me) we will then dispose of their masters. THAT is something I hope I would live long enough to see.

Nemesis said...

To Anonymous at 3:34AM. Your military has been rehearsing fighting 'terrorists' door to door. They even have a mock town set up for such a purpose that looks just like most American towns. Why do you think that kind of training has been put in place?

When martial law is declared the military will cordon off entire cities, towns and suburbs - no one will be able to enter or to leave - on the pretext of taking on some 'terrorists' within those areas, but what they really will be doing is to go street by street within that suburb and then door to door to confiscate individual weapon caches.

Think back to Katrina and how easily those with firearms surrendered them to the cops.

Unless you are in a militia that is prepared to take on a well armed and well trained military by using the same or better tactics against them, then you are on your own and are therefore open to having your door kicked in at 3:00am when the time comes.

To Mark of Brisbane. A good comment, but I would say our system of government is not that radically different to the American system - even our constitution is a watered down version of the American Constitution, but without a Bill of Rights.

Where we do differ, is how those two similar systems came about. Obviously, those who drew up our constitution recognized the advantages of the American system, but were reluctant for whatever reasoning to grant the ordinary citizen the individual inalienable rights as the American system has in place. And that must go a long way in exposing how little regard for the individual our founding fathers had in them.

I think you would be surprised to realize just how many 'illegal' firearms are out there, unregistered, and in REAL Australian homes.

You also forgot to mention that we now have in all states a guarantee of relative access to arms and ammo through the Shooters and Fishers party that has representation in our state governments and as such, curbs the Collective's penchant for ridding law abiding citizens of their weaponry.

Allen said...

anon 3:34

"still trying to figure out who's going to go door to door and confiscate guns"

I believe Black Lives Matter has been putting in multiple applications for the brownshirt job. as well as Occupy and a few others. they have always been ultimately expendable shock troops to the upper class progressives. they were groomed and created for the job.