Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"God, guns and keeping Christians safe."

"Pistols in the pews make some feel more secure, but others are leery."


Chiu ChunLing said...

I'd say that the Bible makes a much better case for abstaining from marriage (and all related activity, of course) than from self-defense. How many people do that anymore? It's one of those practices that has a tendency to cause a negative growth of the community that adopts it. Still, I agree that Christianity is about more than the life of the body.

So the Christian who wishes to give up all the practical necessities of preserving life (like food, water, and air) may be going past what Christianity really commands, but at least has a logically consistent reason to personally abstain from self-defense as well. But the person who demands anyone else give up the necessities of their own life to avoid making him feel uncomfortable has departed all company with Christ's teachings.

Josh said...

I can see this becoming more and more common as enemies, foreign and domestic, ramp up their war on messiah and his followers.

Also, please note that Mosul, one of the larger Iraqi cities, was predominantly christian with some 1.5 million citizens, but was taken by only 3000 isis jihadsters.

It was taken because the christians of Mosul would rather lose their city, their homes, and their lives than actually pick up a gun and fight. And lose them they did, yet they could have wiped out the jihadsters easily if they had just stood up to them.

Keep the lesson of Mosul in mind when it comes time to stand up or run away.

TheBohunk said...

Father Tokarev always accompanies me to Church