Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NRA? What makes you think we need them to preserve our rights? You're going to have kill the rest of us to get what you want and we shoot back.

"The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable."


Anonymous said...

he NRA is already a failure, as it is just another front group for the gun controllers. The "whipping boy" strategy has already witnessed the formation of GOA. It has also witnessed the NRA be overtly unable to break out with membership levels of more than 5 million.

Folks, there are more illegal aliens in this country, admitted number, than NRA members. Twice as many.

Yet gun owners are roughly twenty five times that (and probably more).

The NRA is not really the political powerhouse FOR fun rights it is billed to be. It functions much greater for the gun grabbers as their whipping boy.

It is time to stop the drama, stop the foolishness, instead admitting the truth.
We do not need the NRA, in fact, we should drop the NRA altogether because of the Negotiating Rights Away history it bears.

What will the likes of Hillary rail against absent the NRA? "Gun Owners"? Is she going to slam "gun owners" on her stump? Articles like this one are full of it. Yeah, black folks in Chicago want gun control, uh huh riiiight. They want CRIME control, not gun control. Minorities want CRIME control, just like white people do.

Stop taking the bait people. Destroy the political factions that are actually united AGAINST US and in the pockets of politicians who use them to defy our rights. Listen to the warning George Washington gave us in his farewell address about political factions!

I do want the NRA's permission slip structure position to fail. I do want state level control over our federally enumerated right to fail. I do want the "deals' the NRA makes (when there was no election to have it make deals on gun rights behalf) to fail. I do want the gun control the NRA has and still is ushering through to fail.

Get it through your heads, folks who write articles like this one FEAR the NRA failing! Articles like this are designed to get you to knee jerk support the NRA - quick send them some money!!! Gotta keep up the charade that the NRA is actually a gun RIGHTS group....it is actually a gun CONTROL group. Think it through - each and EVERY piece of legislation it pushes through, each and every court case it files and "wins" is ALL gun control of on form or another. Every deal it makes in either venue is indeed gun CONTROL.

The NRA is "standing and fighting" alright - for state level gun control. Heck, it is doing so now out in the open. In Illinois, the NRA actually argued openly AGAINST constitutional carry, in favor of permission slip structure creation instead! Yeah, any gun owner worth their salt, and liberty minded person actually interested in defending RIGHTS would WANT such a group to FAIL. Their failure is our success. Their success is our failure.

Admit it, the only thing the NRA has ever advanced is government control over our rights. It is a harsh truth, but it is true none the less.

Anonymous said...

There have been more words written on this subject than there are stars in the night. The truth is that if they ever get their ultimate confiscation law passed, there are some that will comply, but I'm guessing at least 50% or more will not and that is what they will never be able to get around. If they try it will get very ugly very quickly.

Anonymous said...

I'm an NRA Endowment member. And it is from that perspective that I acknowledge NRA's habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, settling for half a loaf when they could have had it all, and outright sponsoring of legislative "alternatives" passed as better than an evil that might have been.

But I would like to point out two facts.

First, the first time I read of the impending death of the NRA was in 1966 or so and the organization had something like 1.7 million members. Paraphrasing Mark Twain, rumors of NRA's death are greatly exaggerated.

Second, as I have pointed out here before, the III% movement by and of itself has the supposed man (and woman) power to force NRA to be the pro 2A force that it claims to be and we all wish it was. NRA for all its faults is known, respected, and sometimes feared by people who have never heard of Mike Vanderboegh, SSI, or the III% movement. One can only imagine what could be done if NRA was controlled by people like the ones who post here. But for some reason we choose to bitch about the NRA that is instead of doing much to make the organization OURS. Don't take my word for it. Take a look at the miserable percentage of NRA folks that bother to become voting members. Neal Knox's web site would be a good place to start. Now take a look at the miserable percentage of that miserable percentage who can be bothered to return their Board of Director ballots. They actually make America's citizens look like rabid political activists. But that ain't saying much. By request of our much appreciated host I will refrain from posting any links here. But the numbers are all available on the web. The method you can use to become a voting NRA member is also public knowledge. The way their elections work is all out there for you to see. The way you could write in David Codrea's name for director is also out there. Maybe some day some of you will do more than bitch and he'll get more than my single vote. ;-)

Or you can sit back and pound your keyboard.

There's and old saying about spitting in one hand and wishing in the other.

Bitching on a website is just about as useful.

Anonymous said...

Since the beginning of the civilian disarmament movement in the late 50's by the domestics proclaiming to be democrats the NRA has made deal after deal to surrender rights we already had.. the only thing they and their infantile membership has accomplished is to d the enemy's work for them in trade for the lie of civility and bipartisanship which translates into treason.

Americans should have rid themselves of the insurgent left masquerading as NRA Patriots long ago but we have a problem believing the truth our eyes see for the lies our ears keep hearing.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

"The Elite will fall. It’s inevitable."

Sean said...

Leftists will all hang, it's inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Bolsheviks always announce that their victory is inevitable, as a means of disorienting and demoralizing their opponents. This tactic goes back to the Russian Civil War.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Endowment member- you fail to see that those of us pointing out the corruption of the NRAs behavior didn't come to that conclusion from within a vacuum, we were members, we did try to work from within, we did get involved. And you know what we experienced? The same pathetic, dismissive derision you offer here! What a shocker, we experienced the same belittling tactic you submit there - right down to telling us dumbasses what we "need" to be doing and don't "need" to be doing. Directions from on high, huh partner.

Understand this - the Republican Party controllers likely don't know the name of any given Tea Party activist but after the same track you offer here they damn sure know what the Tea party is today. Think about that regarding your comment about Mike V and the III%. See partner, you demonstrate the exact same tone deafness that Republican Party drones do. Imagine that. How's that belittling and brow beating tactic working out for that political faction, bra? Right. It's soooo successful huh? It will work no better for you than it is for them, the NRA will meet the same fate and for the same reason.

It is growing regarding the NRA too, just as it has regarding the Republican Party - and for the same reason. Folks are sick and tired of garbage like yours. Address the substance homeboy - stop blaming the whistleblowers and whining about the fire alarms. Take a look at WHY the whistles are being blown and stop lighting those fires (admit it is arson by management and stop protecting with excuses - both bosses and members).

Why are we seeing RACE based articles now about the DECLINE of the NRA? Oh yeah, it's gotta be a race thing..... It just CANT be a situation where the people have figured out how CORRUPT the NRA has become, noooo it's gotta be rrraaacciiisstttt. Huh? Time to face the facts. The NRA just isn't what you think it is, wish it was or want it to be. It is, in fact, a gun control organization. It outwardly supports state government control OVER the right to keep and bear arms and it actively pursues that government control by using donations and dues toward the goal of preserving and even augmenting state government power over a right declaring ITSELF as left to the people themselves - a second amendment matter, not a tenth amendment issue.

The NRAs epic fail matches your own - and for the same reason. Your progressive nature, it's progressive nature, the top down dictation, the derision, the do as you are told and allowed attitude.... All of it together is exposing for all to see what the real deal is.

Funny things happen when one burns a candle at both ends, playing both ends against the middle, the one doing it gets burned, eventually, from both ends... Bitten by both sides. Gun controllers infiltrated and because folks like you won't admit it, attacking those of us blowing the whistles instead, the NRA has gone full on gun control. See it yet? Your denial and your projection serve that end, the gun controller ends. The question then becomes - is that accidental out of ignorance or is it intentional? Regardless, the NRA has to face the music of its own making. Gun controllers are the only ones who lose there - because those of us defending the Second Amendment will continue doing so long after the NRA is no longer laundering money and helping government try to usurp what belongs to us.