Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Immigration, Dark Confessions and NRA Single-Issue Focus

"Sadly, the NRA is today good for nothing more than a fairly good magazine once a month. As for Winkler, he has made a fatal error in judgment. Like other leftists, he thinks that gun owners are monolithic and controlled by the NRA. To them, we are reactionary and able to be turned by the winds of wording, able to be controlled like the hive controls its own. They think this way because it’s impossible to imagine a world view without central command issuing orders. This is good news. It’s always better when the enemy underestimates your power and resolve, and misjudges your character."


Anonymous said...

By their fixation with "NRA" hive insects concentrate upon 5 million and ignore the other 95 million. Horizontal integration and individual action rather than verticle command structure is beyond their understanding.

In other words they do not comprehend the 'unorganised' Malitia concept.


Anonymous said...

The statist pukes want government to control the guns- especially via "only ones" referred to as cops.
The NRA wants the state to control a permission slip power over owning and carrying guns.
The NRA seeks a seat at the state table in deciding who accesses these permission slips.
The NRA,then, just has a slightly different idea about who the "only ones" are - demonstrating that the NRA is just a tool of the statist pukes used to impose more and more gun control.

The NRAs own actions prove this. Time to stop beating around the bush in attempt to avoid admitting the obvious. The NRA is really just a gun control group.