Sunday, October 25, 2015

Off to early church.

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The Immoral, Selfish Act of Gun Control

Recently, there have been some college professors, whom lean way to the left of course, writing some interesting opinions on the Second Amendment and gun ownership in America. Attacks on the Second Amendment are increasing in intensity, and the right to keep and bear arms is literally, hanging on a thread. The left despises gun ownership among American citizens and their arguments for gun control essentially explain their morality.

Liberals fail to see the hypocrisy and immorality of their gun control arguments because they do not view mankind the way that conservatives do. Those on the left tend to lean towards the Marxist/Darwinian view of man, while conservatives generally cling to our Judeo-Christian world view as we bitterly grasp our guns. Liberals do not believe that mankind is capable of self-governance, which demonstrates total hypocrisy because they disregard God in favor of humanism which teaches that man is the “end all be all” in the universe. They don’t really believe in what they preach because if they did, they would not believe man to be incapable of the type of responsibility required for gun ownership. Their true belief rests in the idea that men need to be controlled from cradle to grave because we are not capable of making our own decisions. Conservatives on the other hand, believe that all people are capable of self-governance and taking responsibility for their actions, even though our religion teaches we are all sinners. This is why we blame the individual for mass shootings and liberals blame the gun, to them, we are incapable of assuming responsibility.

The left always acts on emotion, and in many ways, our school systems are training our children to react emotionally to crisis situations; thus training them to be future gun control advocates. Many of our high school text books are taking the liberty of rewriting the Second Amendment , thus, training our children to believe that only government should decide who owns guns. They fail to remember that it was government that was responsible for the mass murder of over 100,000,000 people throughout the twentieth century; mass murder that was committed after gun confiscation incidentally.