Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Judge convicts Anthony Bosworth as supporters rally outside.

"On Monday afternoon, Bosworth was found guilty in federal court of disobeying courthouse guards. A judge scheduled Bosworth's sentencing for December 2."

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Anonymous said...

I suspect a conviction that will carry no penalty. No penalty means nothing to appeal, no standing. This way, they get a "paper trail" to use as leverage but with no downside because without demonstrable harm via sanction, an appeals court will refuse the merit and toss such an appeal.

It looks like intimidation tactics from this point of view.
I suppose they might issue some menial fine trying to save face just to "get their man" but I doubt it.
To me - Bos is a hero no matter what. He looked the wanna be tyrants right in the face and said -go ahead and do it then!
Amen brother.

Now - any NRA boot lickers wanna defend your precious NRA regarding standing with a REAL defender of the Second Amendment?
No, didn't think so....