Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pity the poor gun cop bureaucrat.

Anti-firearm rights propagandist Kevin Johnson (currently masquerading as an approved "journalist") wails "Millions of firearms records languish at National Tracing Center." He'd much rather have us all on a computerized list of firearm owners, the better to disarm us (he thinks).


Uncle Elmo said...

"In some of the boxes, we have found garbage and dirty laundry."

How appropriate.

Anonymous said...

"The gun lobby has been very successful at keeping the ATF as inefficient as possible,'' Chipman said.

OTOH, the could be closed down altogether.

I understand the process of tracing a serially numbered firearm from the manufacturer through the distribution chain to the point where it is purchased by a retail customer or "diverted" into the black market by being pilfered while in shipment.

What I don't know, and the article doesn't discuss for some reason, is how often does this painstakingly acquired "trace data" help in solving a crime? Or how often does is lead to a retail customer who's property was stolen sometimes many years ago and therefore to a crime fighting dead end? In other words, are we paying high salaried federal agents to paw through musty old records for no good reason?

Anonymous said...

I know at one time I read an article on how to "wash" a check to make the paper dissolve after a short time. But I can't find it right now.
I was thinking, do the same thing to the Form 4473s before turning them over to the BATFEces. hehehehehehehe

B Woodman

Chiu ChunLing said...

You spray it with something acidic and let it dry. Acidity gradually destroys the cellulose in paper, cutting it into shorter strands that eventually cannot hold the paper together, allowing it to crumble into dust.

Like the check fraud thing, doing this to legal forms would probably be considered a crime.

But of course the government shreds evidence of their own wrong-doing all the time...perhaps if more of them were killed "resisting citizen arrest" this could all be resolved "peacefully".

CowboyDan said...

Chou, if the documents indeed dissolved, how would they know who to charge?