Friday, October 23, 2015

Keep Mexico and her people in your prayers.

Hurricane Patricia - Category 5 - 200 mph SUSTAINED WINDS.


Sedition said...

Wind gusts have been recorded up to 245MPH the last I saw.
I fear that this is not going to go well for the Mexican people.

RVN11B said...

That will be a complete and utter catastrophe!

My best wishes to them.

Anonymous said...

The apocalyptic post-storm environment
is going to be used to justify
another illegal immigrant tidal wave
at the southern (non) border.

Jim22 said...

It's not only Mexicans who are at risk. Of course they are, and there are more of them, but there is a significant population of Americans and Canadians there. The section of Mexico's west coast that is threatened is called the 'Mexican Riviera'. There are expatriots there asw well as many people vacationing right now. This time is the late part of the sport fishing season.

The storm is expected to go ashore just south of Banderas Bay where Puerto Vallarta is. Vallarta will get a little protection from the mountains to the south and the fact that it will be on the quiet semi-circle. Still, they may see 200 mph winds. The real danger area will be further south. Tenecatita bay, Melque and Barra Navidad, and Manzanillo will be on the 'Dangerous semi-circle'. Manzanillo is home to Las Hadas resort where the movie 10 was filmed with Bo Derek.

The dangerous semi-circle is called that because the generated wind speed is added to the speed at which the storm is traveling - in this case between 10 and 15 mph. That means the projected sustained 200 mph, gusting to 245 will be more like 210 gusting to 255.

Winds like that can kill anyone caught out in them. It will propel sand grains that will strip the flesh off a person.

Anonymous said...

You mean whatever decent people are left in Mexico right? Versus the failed Narco state that we trade guns with and who supply our communists with invading labor forces? That Mexico gets nothing from me.