Monday, October 19, 2015

Positing the hypothetical with tongue in cheek. Don't count your war criminals before they're tried.

A reader sends this comment upon "Soliciting civil war with a cheery 'Sieg Heil!' Collectivist 'intellectual' harridan chants: Obama is fuhrer. Obama is benevolent. Obama will fix things with a decree. Just you wait." --
You say "only target the warfighters" ? Well, there's one for ya....considering people like this to be "noncombatants" would be a huge mistake. This one's gonna be for all the marbles. Let's not start off planning to only half do it. We leave a bunch of "Tories" walking around after the fact, then it will all have been a waste.
Actually, I have written, hypothetically of course, that in a successful 4GW struggle in a future American civil war, the only target which matters is the enemy's will to fight (which is located on the battleground that is found in the few inches between the ears of the war planners, decision takers, economic tyranny enablers, enemy political cadre, active Julius Streicher-type propagandists and major intellectual apologists -- and only those guilty parties). Thus these are the only legitimate AND worthwhile targets. I wrote:
I have asked this question before. They will fight to the last ATF agent or to the last oath-breaking soldier. Will they fight to the first senior bureaucrat, the second Congressman, the third newspaper editor, the fourth Senator, the fifth White House aide? Can they stand Bill Clinton's rules of engagement?
Now, let's examine whether or not said collectivist harridan rises to that level. Were I the post-war crimes-against-humanity prosecutor in the case of the Restored Republic of the United States versus Dr. Barbara LeSavoy, I would be forced to consider this pseudo-intellectual gibberish as part of the record as well as whether or not her advocacy of tyranny before and during the conflict rose to the level of a Julius Streicher.
Bless her heart, as they say in Winston County, but were I her defense attorney, I'd play that video and any other such gibberish I could find and plead diminished mental capacity at the least. As a prosecutor, absent any other tyranny-enabling of consequence, I would offer the woman an unceremonious free ticket out of the country, much as the Founders did to the prominent and unrepentant Tories after the Revolution. It usually didn't take much to convince them that it would be healthier if they took their royalism somewhere more understanding, like Canada or Britain.
Frankly, in cold military calculation and given the available evidence at the moment, the woman (if that is indeed what she is) isn't worth the trouble of 4GW targeting. Her screed, such as it is, is so self-discrediting that most of us had to read it more than once to determine if it was a spoof. If she is indeed merely an isolated loon capable of functioning only in the hothouse lily cocoon of collectivist academia, she probably deserves, if not forgiveness, then a little Christian pity.
In the hypothetical civil war, save your rounds for the truly guilty, and don't count your war criminals before they're tried.


Anonymous said...

Point well taken, Mike. However, as per your last sentence, who says a round must be used? Remember my motto - "There's 8 million sparring partners in the Naked City", and she may just be one. Of course it wouldn't exactly be sport with a pseudo-intellectual of her physical stature, but it would leave me with a warm feeling inside, and it doesn't leave a ballistics trace either..

Unknown said...

As a nod to Rush Limbaugh, lets take this 1 step further. Rush calls "women" like this "femi-nazi's". So lets take a look here. We find out that the head of the Nazi party for education was Bernhard Rust. This is from wiki,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A combination of school administrator and zealous Nazi, he issued decrees, often bizarre, at every level of the German educational system to immerse German youth in the National Socialist philosophy.
And if this is not enough wiki says this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Erika Mann, the daughter of Thomas Mann, wrote an exposé of the Rust system in 1938 entitled School for Barbarians, followed in 1941 by Gregor Ziemer's Education for Death.
HUH? school for barbarians and education for death?
It would appear that our ms. Lesavoy would fit in with the Nazi system, therefore lets make her an honorary head of Nazi education and call her Gauleiter Lesavoy.
PS, Rust apparently committed suicide in May 1945 at the end of the war.
"everything old is new again"

Anonymous said...

I disagree. There are ideas in that stupid head that must be eliminated. Liberalism is a defective thought process. Those with the defect need to be erased. Simple as that. Do it not, and we will be fighting that defect again in the not so distant future. I'm for not allowing history to repeat itself. She, and those like Bill Ayers, have to go. End of story.

Anonymous said...

If you liberals, commies and lefties feel froggy, then JUMP !

Wyowanderer said...

The old gal pictured is also the avatar of a Twitter user that goes by the handle @sistasimone, and she seems to be a troll. I've engaged with her several times, and she just (only) wants to get a rise out of you. I don't doubt that she'd like the left to take over, but her over the top posts are pretty good evidence that she's just trying to stir the pot.

Josh said...

Wait, I thought Leonard Nimoy was dead? A zombie perhaps?

PO'd American said...

I think this is a photo of Emo Phillips in drag. Google Image Emo, I sure you'll agree.

Anonymous said...

Voting for Obama once could be excused as a serious mistake. Doing so twice (and bragging about it with her place mat story) places her in the frothing-at-the-mouth-mad-dog level of insanity, with a propensity to commit violence to innocent passers-by. It would be merciful to the poor thing if some shrink would order her lobotomization before she can infect others.


Chiu ChunLing said...

I have to say I love the idea of deporting her to somewhere in the world where her policy ideas are the standard around which people attempt to organize their society.

Not enough to love the idea of allowing such hellholes to exist, but we have to focus on cleaning our own house first, after all, and so there will always be plenty of places to send these kinds of fools to get a taste of where their folly leads.

Anonymous said...

Spock sure does teach a lot of sex classes.


Anonymous said...

She was getting typically crushed in the comments on her home terf. As seems to be customary for this crap outside of carefully crafted socialist mouthpieces like media matters, daily kos, dem underground, Salon, etc. I really do not know the purpose of these kinds of provocative "opinion" pieces other than click bait, but you have to see an unseen hand in this measuring public opinion and moving the goal post further with the gullible and stupid.

Im really getting tired of this kabuki theater pretending we are all countrymen. The quicker we can get to balkanizing, the better off the country will be.