Monday, October 26, 2015

Even elitists run home to momma when they stub their toe.

Bush family gathers to rescue Jeb: His famous family rallies around to attempt to revive his flagging campaign.


Anonymous said...

Both Bush's helped to bring this nation down, never forget that, FACT! Do your own home work, as anyone with an IQ above room temp could see the end game as soon as Bush 1 took office!

Anonymous said...

Saw a recent photo of him at a family reunion. The whole family had forks sticking out of their backs. Jeb actually had 3 and 'W' had 2. I guess that this "dynasty" is DONE!

Best wishes to them and fuck them very much. It's the nicest sentiment I can find to say.

Anonymous said...

I thought his mother said she didn't want him to run? Something about the country not needing another Bush in the White House?

And I agree......Senior gave us the import ban of 1989, mere months after saying very clearly that he didn't support further restrictions on law abiding American gun owners.....and got his "Drug Czar" William Bennett, aka "Mr. Common Core" to spearhead
the whole thing for him.....the "Dubbahyah" got us into a war in Iraq based on false premises, spent trillions doing it and cost us 5K dead/60K+ wounded.

Another Bush could be the death of us.....and we don't need political dynasties in this country, they are the antithesis of the republic the Founding Fathers envisioned.

Nemesis said...

I believe the cat is out of the bag on the Bush family and its tentacles into the political and business establishments. Prescott Bush started the Bush family's anti-American sentiments during WW2 - everyone would do well to read up on George Bush's grandfather and his links to Nazi businesses during that war and the influence on American politics those shenanigans have had on current politics.

Ever wonder why the Donkeys and the Elephants are heading hand in hand along the same road? So ask yourself - what is the real difference between Communism and National Socialism? Then behold the current two party political system and how much the Dems represent Communists and the GOP represents the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Need to find the 'enemy line' and get on the right side of it.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, the Republican Party let Reagan in by mistake, but took steps to prevent another Reagan happening again. Then they ran Bush, Bush, Dole?, Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney and now Bush. Is there anything else one need know about the party? -- Lyle