Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bushed again. Desperation mounts as elites start to imagine a Bush-free GOP slate.

Bush walks into Rubio's trap: For Jeb’s supporters, it was a night of crushing disappointment.
Insiders: Bush bombed, Rubio won
Jeb’s Dead: Adiós Amigo
End of Days for Republican establishment


Anonymous said...

The Bush's, at least the last 2 generations, are as dumb as a bag of rocks. Good at murder, but very, very stupid. The only position I'd like to see them hold is inside a prison cell. Obama could work in the prison library teaching Common Core to them, his wife could whip up those yummy meals they serve kids in schools in the prison kitchen, and Hillary could give sex-ed classes on how to have sex with women...And BTW: what was Christie doing at the debate? Taking up space? Because he sure takes up a lot of it. I guess they need a bully-boy there in case anyone even suggests curtailing the military-industrial complex, as he's so good at waving the bloody T-shirt saying " I was there on 9/11".

Anonymous said...

I am sure Bush is a decent man but we are done with the Bushes and Clinton's!
Jeb please just go home! The grassroots folks are not going to support you!
Strike 3 and you are out.

Josh said...

Pretty sure the rinostablishment is pushing Ryan, who has become Boner Jr with his election to sphincter of the house.

Millwright said...

Not a comment original to me, but last night's "debate" was intended to have other candidates facing pitches of varying quality while the RNC's "anointed one" (Jeb Bush) was "hitting from the tee" - and he whiffed ! The RNC has gerrymandered states' primaries as well as GOP convention rules (Rule # 40 ) in a blatant move to prevent any popular candidate from gaining the nomination. The RNC's pogrom is dedicated to putting a candidate acceptable to "big money and globalists" on their slate and their "anointed one" is Jeb Bush, with Rubio, and perhaps Carson as alternates because the RNC can use money to control them. Trump - with a personal fortune in the billions - is immune to any RNC control, or pressure by the globalists. If you think things are scary now, after 1/01/16 when primary elections to establish convention votes is when things are going to get serious.

"Fasten your seat belts ! Its going to be a bumpy ride !