Monday, October 19, 2015

Another rabid hoplophobia outbreak. When in peril or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

Honor guard rifle sparks lockdown at 3 Lakewood schools


Anonymous said...

And what exactly would you expect after Hundreds of scool shootings? I understand that you are under heavy mediction , but that was a really stupid reaction to a correct action by the police and public. Had this happened at my child's school I would hope for the same response. Ray

Uncle Elmo said...

Good grief. This story is as bad as the school that freaked out last week when a student asked a friend if he had any 'gum', and another student thought he said 'gun'.

John Wayne is rolling over in his grave.

Anonymous said...

This is Eric Holder's triumph. He has made gun so uncool with propaganda that normally sane people freak out and go bananas at the very sight of a rifle. Even one that has been de-milled and useless for anything except throwing and spinning in the air.

Madame Ringading said...

Up in my neck of the woods, they freaked out over a black umbrella someone was carrying in the vicinity of the high school. Mind you, it was one of those umbrellas styled to resemble a Japanese sword when folded, but paranoia reigns.

Chiu ChunLing said...

My question is simply this. "What possible safety benefit is there in a 'lockdown' if an armed criminal is already in the building?"

Unless you have bulletproof doors on every room and some way to ensure that students don't get left out in the halls, what meaningful difference does a lockdown make in terms of reducing the body count? Does it actually make it harder for the gunman to operate, knowing that he can bust into classroom after classroom, slaughtering everyone in each without having to worry about his flanks or individual students taking the opportunity to escape (which is a thing that used to happen before we came up with the idea of locking all the students up to wait for their murders)? Does it at least reduce the possibility of responding police fatally mistaking an escaping student for the gunman? No, it makes it more likely because the police assume everyone but the gunman is patiently waiting to be murdered like good little sheeple.

We know as a matter of established, practical fact that it is harder to hit moving targets than stationary ones, particularly if their motion is unpredictable. We know that shooters have significant difficulty paying attention to their surroundings, and this impairs tasks like reloading and navigating. So why exactly are we doing something that can only serve to increase the body count in the event of an actual mass shooting?

It's almost like the blood dancers need more blood or something.

Anonymous said...

Ray, hundreds of school shootings, eh?
Or should I say "scool"?
Uh huh. Thought so.
I guess you are one of those running around in circles so much that you made yourself dizzy.

You can fall down and pass out now. You, Ray, will likely be more coherent when you do.

Anonymous said...

Chiu, the idea is to preach and then practice cowering in fear. Instill the habit of bowing down and being subjected to the violence instead of fighting back against it. There is no merit in locking down beyond that right there.