Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Missouri House resoundingly passes strong 'Second Amendment Preservation Act'

Still, though, when it comes down to actual boots-on-the-ground enforcement of the federal laws, and defiance of Missouri's, will the feds' hired muscle really want to poke that hornets' nest? That will most likely depend on how seriously they take the states' (and residents') will to resist unconstitutional federal diktat.


Robin said...

This is in line with Madison's argument in Federalist 45. If enough state and local people say "no", the Federal government either becomes a tyranny or it backs down. If it becomes a tyranny, it needs to be changed anyway.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Robin. The real test will begin if the Senate and Governor Nixon sign off on it.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect the governor to sign it. It's his administration that has allowed the turning over of CCW info to the feds.
But the Repub's have a majority in the legislature to override any veto. And that is where we will see if they truly represent the people.