Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'Shills of the gun industry' trying to expand 'prohibited purchaser' list

With "friends" like this, who needs enemas?


Anonymous said...

Like the article says, I simply refuse to back up any more.

To "you people" who think your opinions trump my God-given rights, I say it in as simple terms as possible; you try to take our arms, and we will KILL you.

Is that in *any* way unclear?

Anonymous said...

Notice how these lists are perceived by the left. The NICS list and the "No-Fly" list are so error free as to be used to deny civil rights but the E-Verify list is so full of errors that it cannot be used to deny suspected illegal aliens a job.

The reality is that all lists prepared by human beings contain people who don't belong on them and are missing people who do. The late Sen. Ted Kennedy was once stopped from boarding a plane because he was on the terrorist no-fly list.

Bottom line is the left believes there is no reason for anyone to have a gun, and they will twist any law to advance that goal.

William Flatt said...

If *ANYONE* belongs on a/the 'prohibited purchaser' list, it should be those who would disarm freedom-loving Americans, or those who work for such people. They are unfit to be members of our society.

More than just being prohibited from having a firearm (firearm ownership being integral to citizenship); such people should be removed from society permanently. If they won't leave voluntarily, they should be shipped forcibly!

Anonymous said...

Obama's (stolen, fraudulent) social security number fails e-verify, but he's still "working" and flying around, so we know those lists work ReALLY well, right?