Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Only two?

Two Things That Suck About Manchin-Toomey


Charles N. Steele said...

Kopel's original piece is a must read.

Now is the time to contact your Senators and tell 'em to vote no on this travesty.

Anonymous said...

I did!

The Marxist democrat sent me half a dozen return e-mail.

Meanwhile, the other senator Mr. Portman, the "conservative" from the Ohio GOP, didn't return even one.

He's just sitting there in the corner pissing in his pampers.

Son of Sam Adams said...

Two things that suck about Manchin-Toomey:

Paul X said...

I generally like Kopel, but his first critique was naive. Of *course* the government was and still is keeping an illegal database already, and of *course* it would have continued under M-T.

"By consolidating and centralizing the records of all out-of-business FFLs, BATFE will be able to build a list of most people in the U.S. who have bought a gun from a store."

No doubt this database already exists also, so neither of these criticisms is really valid. M-T does not make these things worse because the feds are almost certainly already doing it.

All moot now of course.

Not only do they already know who has bought a gun from these defunct FFLs (Remember the drive to reduce the number of FFLs? This is probably the main reason, to harvest those records.)... but they also probably know something more important - who the "gun nuts" are - because each purchase generated a 4473. I suspect they already know who they want to raid first, if they ever get the go-ahead. They won't first go after someone who has nothing but an old revolver.

No matter. Confiscators will still end up dead.