Friday, April 26, 2013

"Put another stake in its heart, Abe, the bastard's still twitchin'."

Collectivism is like rust. It never frigging quits. Senators Quietly Seeking New Path on Gun Control.
Talks to revive gun control legislation are quietly under way on Capitol Hill as a bipartisan group of senators seeks a way to bridge the differences that led to last week's collapse of the most serious effort to overhaul the country's gun laws in 20 years.
Drawing on the lessons from battles in the 1980s and '90s over the Brady Bill, which failed in Congress several times before ultimately passing, gun control supporters believe they can prevail by working on a two-pronged strategy. First, they are identifying senators who might be willing to change their votes and support a background check system with fewer loopholes.
Second, they are looking to build a national campaign that would better harness overwhelming public support for universal background checks - which many national polls put at near 90 percent approval - to pressure lawmakers.
LATER: Schumer, McCain say gun control bills will return.


alabamagunowner said...

Arizona needs to get rid of that p.o.s. McCain he's a damn rino.

Anonymous said...

That Feinstein or Reed?

Anonymous said...

Want to stop the Thuggery then put a couple of Senators in prison for life and then it will stop.


Anonymous said...

That liberals won't give up on a lost cause is understandable.

With Manchin and Toomey, on the other hand, the motive boils down to that most basic of human emotions - butt hurt.
Manchin and Toomey, enraptured at the TV face time and print space being devoted to their "historic" legislation, ultimately found themselves rejected by the bulk of the herd.

Just like being among the last ones picked during the team-building phase of junior high dodge ball, Manchin and Toomey are now butt hurt at not being given their moment of glory.

And now, such as is typical of those in the grudge phase of butt hurtedness, they're determined to save face come hell or high water.
Damn the national debt.
Damn the economy.
Damn the unemployment problem.
And damn the unending hoards of Mexicans colonizing the US at will.

No, the top prority for Manchin and Toomey is to craft pointless legislation, of which the supposed end goal could be accomplished by simply enforcing existing law.

But to acknowledge that enforcing existing law would accomplish said goals would also be admitting that theirs is a butt hurt well deserved.

And so there you have it. The nonsense continues in perpetuity to the detriment of all.

Anonymous said...

Taft - Hartley (1947)

Simpson - Mazzoli (1986)

Smoot - Hawley (1930)

I would wager that few of you could tell us anything about these acts, or about their authors. None of that matters to the gentlemen who's names appear attached to the legislation that their staffs probably wrote for them. But their names are now immortal.

That's the only thing that politicians care about.

Manchin and Toomey don't give a damn about the Second Amendment, or the Constitution that it is attached to. They don't give a damn about the reputation of the Unites States Senate or of their home states. They only care that their names are attached to a bill that becomes law.

Manchin - Toomey (????)

Anonymous said...

Won't matter.
They may have lots of ammo, but their manpower is limited.
As an oathkeeper, I will not comply with any anti-constitutional regime of "people control" and I suspect there are a few million more like me..