Sunday, April 28, 2013

Interesting question about Craft International Services hired guns at the Boston Marathon.

Why Such Secrecy about Private Military Contractor’s Men Working the Event?


Anonymous said...

The midnight cliffside waltz of fools continues on.

SWIFT said...

The whole issue of The Craft and the Boston bombing stinks to the high heaven. But, we and the truth are screwed, as not one major media outlet has examined FBI and Boston Police lies. When one lie fails, they tell another and another and on and on it goes. BOSTON was domestic, government sponsored terrorism. Period!

Ashrak said...

Might it be that the Boston bombing was supposed to another fibbie "sting" where they groom a "cell" and know all about it but the terrorist "never had control of a working device" and was supposed to just wait until a trigger was pulled on a "dud" and arrests made for a dog and pony show bust - but that their own fake ass game was used against them?

Is that why the Saudi was so smiley faced?
Barry was trying to organize some dirt on the royal house and it literally blew up in Citizens' laps?

Does Barry feel the walls closing in upon him and that's why the White House is "closed"?

Hey congress critters - how many if you are willing to go down with the usurper when it finally comes apart? Hmmm ?

It's time to tell the truth.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Why the secrecy? Because peasants aren't supposed to question their betters. Even if the 100% honest answer were that they were there to conduct a population survey on pigeons within a 2 block radius of the the race course, it wouldn't matter. The peasantry has no need to know, and no right to ask.

Anonymous said...

The "evidence" that these guys are Craft employees is a joke. One guy wearing a Craft hat? I have a Craft hat, I don't work there. Those guys are federal LEOs. In more than one picture you can see badges hanging from a chain around the neck of matching guys.

If they were Craft, they would not be as easy to spot, ie, not looking like a 5.11 catalog.

Dakota said...

Wondering if this brings back any memories of the "fibbies" twittling their thumbs for too long and kind of ...... losing track of something, someone, material evidence ...... hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Oh Hell guys , Y'all should see the Ky. derby and the surrounding "festiville" We got DEA,FBI, DHS, Coast Guard, US ARMY, US NAVY, USMC, NG, USAF,TSA, KSP, LEO AND MERCs and those are just the ones that you can see.(The running joke is that the UN is sending observers, hell it might even be true) You can be stoped by any of them at any time for any reason or none at all. We have uniformed military police at check points, no camera rules ,no backpack rules and no purse rules, also no strollers, coolers, or bring your own water(you have to buy government approved water at 5 to 8 dollars a drink.) I can't see why anyone in there right mind would go to this Charlie Foxtrot I won't.

Anonymous said...


Most often what appears to be a conspiracy is nothing more than arrogant folks who feel they don't owe explanations to the "little people" for embarrassing screw ups.

Perhaps Craft secured this job because they knew the right person, and nothing more. And perhaps said right person made it known that Craft wasn't to be talked about, not because of anything nefarious or illegal, but because the circumstances surrounding their hiring was less than ethical.

And then there is the fact that two foreign looking men managed to place two backpack sized bombs, escaping the notice of Craft's "expert" surveillance services. The implications for their company are obvious.

What if Craft was coordinated with FBI and police surveillance at the time, which means they ALL missed what happened under their noses? This would be an awfully embarrassing and powerful motive for selective amnesia.

The idea that this event was "government sponsored" is absurd.

To be sure, there are likely a few sociopathic individuals in government service capable of something that evil. But to carry such a treasonous and evil plan to fruition would require the cooperation of scores, if not hundreds of people to execute and cover up. Rational thought reveals this to be a practical impossibility.

Let's avoid swimming with the 9/11 truther bottom feeders, as it requires becoming deliberately uncouth.

Jim said...

Interesting occurrence. I Googled the street address of Craft International that was given in the article. "2101 Cedar Springs Rd., Suite 1400, Dallas, TX". All of the roads in the area have a street view picture, except for THAT address. That portion is missing. Things that make you go, "Hmm".

Anonymous said...

It wasn't CRAFT. It WAS, however, CST-WMD - Civilian Safety Team - Weapons of Mass Destruction. The CST-WMD is present in nearly every major U.S. city and usually at the larger events. Study the photos and you will see that immediately after the blast, one of them was holding a radiation detector. Why? The answer is scarier than you thought. It is because they KNOW there are currently former USSR nukes that have not yet been accounted for and they believe at least one of these is on the loose in the USA. It was more than likely brought over the wide-open Mexican border. Our government is EXPECTING a nuclear terrorist attack within the borders of the United States.

No doubt the "official story" of Boston is BS. Biggest question is how is that when the FBI knew who these two were, they were able to do whatever they did? How, in light of the fact that CST-WMD, National Guard and BPD with their bomb-sniffing dogs, did ANYBODY get in there with explosives? Either FBI and the rest knew what was going to happen - or they are all grossly incompetent. Either they cannot protect us, or they won't.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that in the pic of the seven in linked article, the Suburban is parked right at the camera? Was that the finish line?

Wonder what it would cost to run the article as a full page ad in the Boston Globe?