Monday, April 22, 2013

After Senate setback, Obama quietly moving forward with gun regulation

Tyrannical "rule making."


Anonymous said...

Some lawyer with more experience with import and export controls will have to give us the final word about what this means, but the general impression I get is this:

The statutes that set up export controls to protect our technology from the Soviets apparently spoke of regulating "Import and Export." My guess is that this is sloppy drafting as I can't see how import of foreign tech would lose our secrets (except, perhaps, when it comes to tech with computer chips that might be used to send data home).

It looks like this has been used to regulate "temporary import" up until now. I'm not 100% on what that means, but I'm guessing that it would be taking in foreign tech on loan, and the purpose of the control would be to make sure that we don't bring in something that we modify or that gathers data, and that the enemy can glean secrets from looking at the modifications or gathered data.

Now, it looks like that open barn door created by the inclusion of import is going to be used to give the AG, with concurrence of SecState and SecDef, authority to permanently ban certain foreign arms and munitions from import.

I would guess that soon we will be saying Dasvidania to Wolf and Tula, Shalom to IMI, and whatever you say to bid farewell to most or all ammunition, weapons, and parts from overseas.

Maybe they'll just go for 7.62x39, 5.56 Nato, 7.62 Nato, etc. first, and the platforms that shoot them, but even that step will put a serious clamp on our logistics.

If anyone else can see any other potential endgame to this change, PLEASE let me know, because right now, this is all I can see. They're taking a list that blocks exports and "temporary imports"--leaving it where it is to keep doing its job--and making a copy of it that the AG can add to at his discretion (so long as SecState and SecDef concur), with this new list prohibiting the permanent import of the listed items.

Heck, without any additions made to this list, it may already block most or all guns, ammo, and even cheap Russian optics.

Anonymous said...

Having become the first black president it appears that Bazza is now working upon another first.

The first president executed for teason!

SWIFT said...

The House of Representatives is controlled by a GOP majority. They can defund anything that Obama comes up with via Executive Orders. They need to demonstrate, once and for all, to the head POS, that he is a lame duck POS. That also includes any type of amnesty. Take note that both parties, using creative math, are throwing around the 10 million illegals number. Lies! There are closer to 30 million. Enough is enough!

MikeH. said...

Resistance is not futile. I will resist.


Anonymous said...

Well, he is a POS but he is and always has been a Marxist POS and so therefore he is a MPOS as opposed to the other types of POS populating out government at the national level. He also has other MPOS friends there helping him, not to mention the MPOS media.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are remarkably putrid in character and odour.

Unfortunately the more there are, the more one gets used to the stench until one cannot determine that the stench is not normal, except when one leaves their presence for a moment and breathes fresh air. One invariably pukes upon returning however.