Tuesday, April 23, 2013

" A slap in their collective and collectivist face." -- "Alabama man threatens to return with Connecticut's banned ammo." Well, that's embarrassing. A change in my itinerary.

It appears that I was misinformed.
Vanderboegh said he is coming in July because he believes the new ammunition restrictions go into effect after July 1. He wont’t be here right at the first of the month because he will be in Colorado “defying their new magazine law.” The new Connecticut law, however, on the need for an ammunition certificate for some people appears to go into effect Oct. 1.
I wrote the speech after being informed by Connecticut gun rights activists that the ammunition provisions took effect on 1 July. It seems that they, and thus I, were misinformed. Well, that's embarrassing. So, I'll be back in Connecticut to disobey their law in October, not July. If, that is, I'm still this side of the grass.
It looks like I'll be out in Colorado defying their new magazine law, which DOES take effect 1 July. A fun time will be had by all.
Below you will find the email questions by the reporter and my answers that she used to draft the linked story. You will note she did not inform me of the July-October discrepancy.
From: georgemason1776@aol.com
To: moleary13@gmail.com
Sent: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 10:20 pm
Subject: Re: gun rally Ct.
Answers ad seriatim:
Q: Will you be bringing in lose bullets, as opposed to magazines with more than 10 rounds?
A: Since a. no one in his right mind totes around "loose bullets" and
b. "bullets" are in fact only projectiles not entire loaded rounds (therefore it would be uncertain whether smuggling mere bullets would in fact break the law) NOTE: This is a 7.62mm "bullet"
This is a 7.62x39 loaded round consisting of a bullet, case, primer and powder:
c. I've already broken their repugnant magazine law and
d. I promised to bring in two cases of rounds the only question is what the two cases will look like. They will either be made of cardboard or wood. They will most probably look like this, each containing approximately a thousand loaded rounds:
Q: How do you know Pepe's and will you hand over the bullets there or before you go for pizza?
A: I have a good friend who is a Connecticut refugee who voted with his feet long ago and runs a gun store here in Birmingham. He suggested it. With the previous stipulation that these are not mere "bullets" but loaded rounds, and the stop at the pizza parlor is more in the line of a celebration of a successful smuggling run, and not knowing how Pepe's proprietor would react to two crates of ammunition either in his shop or on the sidewalk outside, I'm sure they will be distributed long before we get to Pepe's.
Q: Are you giving them to just one person or more than one? Who are they?
Well, there are many deserving folks in Connecticut and since each crate contains a number of twenty round cardboard boxes per, it could well be that we go to a gun range and hand them out to the maximum number of folks possible. Or maybe we'll hold another rally with armed guys packing pistols. Or whatever. You have to be flexible in the smuggling business you know.;-) As far as names, you must be joking.
Q: Basically Mr. Looney and Mr. Cafero said they are legislators and not law enforcement, so you won't see them.
A: Didn't expect to see the cowards anywhere around. They are used to having armed paid state employees do their bidding. We'll see if they wish to send some minions or merely look foolish and impotent when they are unable to catch me and my friends again.
Q: They charcterized your remarks Saturday as free speech.
A: Which of course it was. It was also a slap in their collective and collectivist face.


Vegas Dave said...

You rock Mike. Glad you made it home safely. Good luck on your next run

Vegas Dave

LFlorida said...

Good ol' spam cans. I know those crates very well. Keep rubbing their noses in it, Mike.

AJ said...

Dammit, Mike. Don't get yerself tossed in the gulag (or worse, you know Holder would love to see you pushing up daisies) before you finish that book.

Mt Top Patriot said...

It is good to have a hero.
You are my Hero Mike.

Thanks for that and everything you are doing.
It takes real guts and principles.

It is good to be inspired also.


Ashrak said...

I look forward to you being harassed and illegally searched, only to find nothing. Sucks to be them when they have to pay out on their civil rights abuses.

Interesting media development taking place here Mike.
Print media is owned by gatehouse media. All their comments sections are going to Facebook rather than signing in to the papers website itself. The lefties are closing up shop in order to facilitate the Organizing For Obama national online police force. I'm wondering how widespread this is.

Anonymous said...

Of course there is plenty of the 'good stuff' just North of the Canadian border - the Canucks still import Chinese ammo and guns!

The old prohibition trails are still there ...


Anonymous said...

Be sure to have a good videographer to record both the distribution and then the pat down search. It will be a joy to see both. Also be sure to NOT record the faces of the recipiants of the ammunition CARTRIDGES (as you pointed out, not bullets).

Let us know when it's time for the donations to buy the CARTRIDGES.

B Woodman