Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The seductive siren song of Sunstein, the Killer Tomato.

Long-time readers will recall my allergic reaction to "social scientist" Cass Sunstein (he actually bears as much resemblance to a social scientist as Josef Mengele did to Dr. Albert Schweitzer).
Four years ago almost to the day, I sounded the alarm on Sunstein and his ilk in "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes." Now Sunstein is up to his old "change agent" tricks with this: "Don’t Buy the Slippery-Slope Argument on Guns."
Yup. Definitely a candidate for the war crimes trials, if these collectivist mokes get their way.


Anonymous said...

Cass Sunstein looks like the kind of guy who slept in his mother's bed until he was 15.

Scott J said...

What irony. The man writes a whole book called "Nudge" about using slippery-slope tactics to accomplish your goals and then wants us to believe this nonsense.

Sean said...

Scott J, you've not remembered what Mike V said, of when he was a communist. Communists lie all the time, about everything. Even in Sunsteins' article here, he admits the slippery slope argument is valid, and then immediately goes on to tell you that it's not. Communists essentially want you to believe them when they say something, not what they told you a minute ago. If this confuses you, all the more better, because they've got a new lie to tell you. Anyone who hears this all the time just gets frustrated, gives up, and usually says, "Ok, what is it really, right now?" And that's when the communist pounces, with something like, "Round them all up and put them in jail", or "Put them up against a wall and shoot them".