Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reese Witherspoon arrest shows privileged hypocrisy of anti-gun elitists

Unlike with drunk driving laws, which punish for after-the-fact violations, Witherspoon was one of a handful of privileged Hollywood dilettantes joining Mayor Michael Bloomberg to ‘demand a plan” to place prior restraints on sober and responsible gun owners, essentially to control those who have already exhibited self control as a response to those who do not.


Roger J said...

We need "Illegal Actors Against Guns" - their shamefaced booking photos can be added one by one to the page, next to their "demand a plan" ad photo. Maybe some enterprising hacker could add it to the MAIG website...too bad I don't have that particular skill set.

Anonymous said...

Preemptive drunk driving laws are just as repugnant to liberty as gun control.

I (and many of the founders) would argue that the real duty of government is to ensure the protection of its citizens' natural rights...including self defense.

Drunk driving, when the act does not result in the violation of another's rights, is no crime at all in this realm of political theory.

Essentially, no harm; no foul....and no need for useless "pre-crime" laws.

If indeed someone is injured by the negligent actions of a drunk driver, it is no worse than a distracted driver or a tired one, or one who is under the influence of over the counter cold medicine.

The law is supposed to provide remedy to those whose rights are abridged. Using it as a deterrent is usually pretty ineffective (or at least very difficult to measure the effectiveness thereof).