Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the ground.

Am here and will be at the Green tomorrow morning, the West Springfield rally in the afternoon and the CT rally in Hartford on Saturday. Having problems with the computer here, so can make no promises. Go to David Codrea's War on Guns and Examiner sites for updates.


Charles N. Steele said...

Best to you. See if you can get a video up of your talk.

Anonymous said...

There is a filed piece at Minuteman Park in Concord... Please by everything that is right go and see it.

Look at the inscription on the piece and do take copious photos of the gun. It should be a brass three pounder.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, had he been sporting one of those ridiculous Obama-with-a-halo tee shirts, if he would instead have been awarded a Happy-Gram?