Monday, April 22, 2013

"Be the best lawbreaker you can be." Back. Exhausted, but back at home, praise the Lord.

"I feel like a fugitive from the law of averages."
NOTE: A reader writes that "We should be selling tee shirts" that say -- "Gun control: Be the best lawbreaker you can be. -- Mike Vanderboegh."
After the Hartford speech I was too done in to drive back that night, so we stayed overnight, then went to New York to meet some new friends. Got to make yet another short talk on the lies of collectivism in support of an Oathkeepers' presentation and then, late yesterday afternoon, we finally took off for points south. Met a lot of great folks and I'm proud to say that the resistance is alive and well in places like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.
I'll have a more complete report later dealing with all the ups and downs from the Lexington Green oath ceremony (where we determined to carry it forward even if we were arrested -- the town selectmen blinked) to the rally later that day in West Springfield to the amazing Hartford experience (and how John Lott didn't like my speech one damn bit). But I can't do the whole thing right now, I need more sleep. Perhaps later tonight or tomorrow.
In the mean time, here are some press accounts:
"Gun-right advocates gather on West Springfield town common to show support for 2nd Amendment."
Michael Vanderboegh, an Alabama resident, spotted a reporter in the crowd and handed him a bag containing a “sponge gun,” a piece of foam rubber cut into the shape of a semi-automatic pistol, to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of gun-control laws. He said the sponge gun had been “smuggled” into Massachusetts from Alabama, and vowed that if Massachusetts outlawed guns today, he would begin smuggling real guns into the state tomorrow.
(Photo courtesy David Codrea.)
David Codrea covered the speech here: Vanderboegh urges civil disobedience, smuggling in response to gun laws.
Such defiance on a personal has been endorsed and related by this correspondent, admitting to decades of “illegal” carrying that resulted in an unreported defensive gun use, and one documented event where California’s “assault weapon” registration requirement was publicly defied.
That there are those representing themselves in the “pro gun” camp who will condemn this as “lawlessness,” and urge instead to tolerate “a right delayed” is doubtless. What’s also certain is that at pivotal times in history, the willingness of committed individuals and groups to say “No” and mean it has made all the difference for effecting advances in liberty, and that the real lawbreaking is what is being committed by those who have dishonored their oaths and defied the “supreme Law of the Land,” not to mention “the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God.”
Claire Wolfe gave me kudos, of which I am immensely proud: Mike Vanderboegh, smuggler and one heck of a speechmaker.
Here's the New Haven Register story: Connecticut gun rally speaker urges crowd to 'be the best lawbreaker you can be'
The theme of the gun rally at the state Capitol Saturday was tyranny, and the need of an armed citizenry to resist such, with a former Minuteman pushing them to ignore the new firearms laws and bragging that he already had done so.
Michael Vanderboegh of Alabama had the crowd on the Capitol grounds cheering Saturday, as did other speakers who offered this message tied to their interpretation of the Second Amendment.
There is a comment at Robert Farago's story on this that actually hints at where this is going.
Ralph posted: "One guy breaking an unjust law has no impact on the system. If he’s caught, he will disappear into the gulag, and given his physical limitations he will die there. However, a thousand people publicly breaking an unjust law together is a movement."
Meet me in Colorado on 1 July 2013, Ralph, and maybe you'll get your wish. In fact, it's looking like I can about guarantee it.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're back in one piece. Man, I know it's tough doing that after surgery and procedures. Been there, done that. Rest. Power nap after you rest.

And, yep; I'll bet those hornet nests are buzzin like crazy. We should be hearing from them real soon. It's cleansing for the unwashed--a grand moment of clarity.


Johnny Gee said...

Mike you are already a hero of mine, and I think you are starting to look like R. Lee Ermey- another hero of mine. All kidding aside- keep up the good work, this country has no idea the good you are doing for them.

xtron said...

silence in the face of tyranny is implied consent......and I DO NOT CONSENT

Peter said...

Sure is nice seeing press coverage that doesn't have the term "convicted extortionist" contained in the article.

Or in the comments.


Joe McNally said...

Mike, It was an honor to meet and talk with you at the Oathkeeper Rally at Lexington Green, and listen to you speak at Springfield.

You are an inspiration to all of us who see our government embracing tyranny and moving away from "We The People"

Joe McNally III% RI