Friday, April 26, 2013

Food for thought while you clean your rifle.

German citizens are stopped and searched by plain-clothes and uniformed police in March 1933 under the pretext they might be concealing weapons.
From the History Place: "The Gestapo is Born."
"Surprisingly, the Gestapo was never actually a very big organization. At its peak it employed only about 40,000 individuals, including office personnel and the plain-clothes agents. But each Gestapo agent operated at the center of a large web of spies and informants."
Get that? 40 THOUSAND controlled a nation of 80 MILLION. As my friend Aaron Zelman once observed, "If every Jewish and anti-Nazi family in Germany had possessed a Mauser rifle, twenty rounds AND THE WILL TO USE IT, Adolf Hitler would be a footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic." Remember the numbers. THEY want you to think that they are all powerful and all knowing. They are not. Tyrants and their tax-paid minions are only powerful to the degree that you surrender such power to them by your timidity or your "law abidingness."
This is something to keep in mind when the American version of the Gestapo finally starts making house calls. As I said back in 1999 in an essay entitled "What I Have Learned From the Twentieth Century":
LESSON NO. 1: If a bureaucrat, or a soldier sent by a bureaucrat, comes to knock down your door and take you someplace you do not want to go because of who you are or what you think -- kill him. If you can, kill the politician who sent him. You will likely die anyway, and you will be saving someone else the same fate. For it is a universal truth that the intended victims always far outnumber the tyrant's executioners. Any nation which practices this lesson will quickly run out of executioners and tyrants, or they will run out of it.
Kurt Hofmann put it more succinctly: "Remember: Evil exists because good men don't kill the government officials committing it."
Remember, too, that the cost of early resistance is likely to be far less than the ultimate cost of passivity in the face of pure evil.


Joe Fondren said...

This old axiom isn't new, but it's newly relevant: "Don't tell me what you'll do when they show up at YOUR front door. Tell me what you'll do when they show up at your NEIGHBOR'S front door."

Anonymous said...

quote "Don't tell me what you'll do when they show up at YOUR front door. Tell me what you'll do when they show up at your NEIGHBOR'S front door." unquote

Youbetcha. And this is what it will look like....

Who said it can't happen here? right. Well.. I've got a clue for ya. That was Watertown USA last week.

And here's a few more places....and one of these assaults was TWICE as big as Waco..and not one word on MSM..that tells me something..

Folks, this shit is real and it's only a matter of time till these types of events start occurring all over the country.. SIMULTANEOUSLY.
They've already started conditioning the masses for military level operations using machine guns and helicopters...

If that isn't "terrorism" I don't know what is.

At some point though..their gonna step over the line in the sand..and that's when the Law of Unintended Consequences takes effect.

Anonymous said...

Hoka Hey

Lakota War Cry, "its a good day to die".

Remember, Crazy Horse learned from his enemy's patterns in attack and used those tactics against them.

Waiting until they are at your door puts you in the defnesive postire. Unconventional takes the fight to the agressor.

Remember that the boots on the ground are only as effective as those who direct them.

If you are left no option, officers, communications and crew served weapons are you first concern if you have the time to respond. Alays engage from 300 yards or more, its more difficult to detect your position. Always work from cover, concealment sucks.

If you are not shooting, you should be reloading, if you are not reloading you should be moving, if you are not moving you should be shooting......... and so on.

Anonymous said...

Well... KTUV Oakland has announced that as of 2100 PDST last night Oakland Calif. went on "lockdown" so that DHS-FBI-CHP-SWAT-LEO could conduct "door-to-door sweeps", Further Obama has SIGHNED an executive order banning the import of WEAPONS-WEAPONS PARTS-AMMO-MAGS-PARTS KITS-or-"MILITARY EQIPMENT" without BATFE approval. It's started, So NOW WHAT?

Pointy End Out said...

Time to water the Tree of Liberty....

SWIFT said...

Never underestimate the "force multiplier" that INFRAGUARD provides to the neo-nazis. These low-life scumbags are everywhere and they will report you in a heartbeat. They will need to be dealt with as well as any armed thug threatening you or your family.

Roger J said...

The photo shows uniformed officers of the Schupo ("protective police")along with the plainclothes Gestapo officers. Note the Schupo are armed with Mauser carbines, quite a lot more effective than a pistol.

Anonymous said...

I can find nothing about lockdown on KTUV's website ...
Anybody got a link?

Anonymous said...

I think you and my now-deceased grandfather would have gotten along swell.

He served in WW2, and saw firsthand the results of a massive disarmament. He saw the the bodies of the men, women and children who were dead, dying, and wishing they were dead in camps.

He saw what happened to people who didn't fight back, and who had the means of self-defense and fighting back taken from them.

He was a racist, anti-semitic D-Bag, but he had some good pearls of wisdom:

1. Never give up your guns.

I don't care how you do it, just keep them in your possession.

2. If the Jews had put down some money, and picked up a shotgun or rifle, and unleashed hellfire every time the SS came knocking, history would have taken a different turn very quickly. Yes, they would have died in the firefight, but they would have died with dignity, and maybe taken a few out with them.

3. Never give up your guns -- Learn how to use them safely and proficiently.

4. Never give up your guns -- Become mentally prepared (ie: really think about it.) to fire upon those who want and will do you and your loved ones harm.

God Commands said...

Matthew 5:39.

“Do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

Faré said...

I totally agree you should not kill the gubmint gunner goons out of revenge. You should kill the rabid animals out of compassion for the future victims you're saving — starting with yourself and family.

Anonymous said...

Sorry God Commands, that refers to not escalating a mere insult into a fight.

Plenty of times God sent the Israelites into righteous battle.

God didn't put us here to be doormats for tyrants.

Paul X has the right idea. If we don't stand up now, it's going to get worse. I would prefer a little civil disobedience now to civil war II starting later because we just stood by and did nothing.

Anonymous said...

The tyrants will meet no more resistance when they begin gun confiscation missions than they do when they "train" in our cities with civilian LE in violation of Posse Comitatus.

Like I've said before:

"... in the land, of the FORMER free ... and the home, of the ONCE, brave."