Friday, April 26, 2013

GE Halts Financing for Firearm Retailers as Gun Lenders Vanish

Of course this is the same outfit that Adam Lanza's father works for in senior management. Some irony there, huh?


Anonymous said...

Q: Is there any way that we, the 3%ers and others of like mind, can pool our money (scarce as it is) and form our own "bank" to loan to gun manufacturers and retailers?

I have seen from time to time an on-line organization that solicits small investments from many people to allow a company to make an initial start up. I don't know the name. Maybe another reader can help with the name.
Possibly "we" can use this organization (since it's already started) to be a "bank" for gun makers and retailers.
Many details to be ironed out, but it's a start, to spit in the eye of the collectivist hoplophobes who think they hold all the power.
(Just like the LSDM thinks that it controls all the media - HA!)

Mike, possibly you could start some research on this, do a story, solicit some information?

Thanks for letting me vent.
B Woodman

MikeH. said...

Just say no to GE. Don't sign up for loans through GE Financial. And don't buy their large and small appliances or their overpriced "ecco-friendly" light bulbs. (which contain mercury)

If GE wants to hurt the pocketbooks of select private industry, (which is their right) I say we hurt their pocketbook through boycott. (which is our right)

Resist the tyrannical bastards at all levels.


Anonymous said...

My family is GE free!

We have been ever since they started their cozy arrangement with Obama and company. Scum-bag company. Not another penny.

Anonymous said...

I think Woodman is referring to kickstarter for financing.

It seems to me that firearm makers could sell bonds to raise cash.

Anonymous said...

addendum - the fabulous thing about bonds is that it also cuts out the bankster middleman.

What would a firearm firm typically pay for financing?