Thursday, April 25, 2013

The administration's cold war on firearms continues.

Report cites ATF inconsistencies but leaves gun dealers at risk for revocation.
“Sadly, the culture at ATF HQ is to ‘back their people’ in the field, even if the folks in the field are dead wrong."


Anonymous said...

Keep your peepers peeled on this one.

Anonymous said...

The Marxists among us are dipping their toes into the water's edge again.

The only religion approved by the State is the State itself.

Do svidaniya, comrades.

Anonymous said...

Some extra-sorry-ass-shit from the late great state of California.

Anonymous said...

Every Patriot is needed to take things to a new level. We need to raise more money, handout more informational brochures for our groups, along with posting them where ever, and placing them on car windshields. That small stuff can help more than many think.

After the police state in Boston I think our side need to step it up, and expand our influence. I finally joined Oath Keepers as a sustaining memeber for $7 a month, and got 50% off the annual $20 membership at Gun Owners of America. I would have donated the other $10, but I already donated $25 to the Oath Keepers general fund, $25 to the OK legal defense fund, and $25 to both the OK billboard and nascar campaign. I plan to donate a little here, and at in two week. Maybe a little less.

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