Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another collectivist country heard from.

"The NRA has Boston blood on its hands, too."
You know the funny thing is that these pukes seem to think that the NRA is their worst nightmare, when in fact the NRA and the political battles that they wage are, at the moment, the only thing between the collectivist tyrant wannabes and us. And just wait until they get a load of US.


Mt Top Patriot said...

About that funny thing... never heard anyone accuse these bootlickers of tyrants of being capable of the cognitive logic required to grasp the concept of unintended consequences.

That's the funny thing about Liberty, some people will never get it. It is something so foreign to them, so far outside their comfort zone, anathema to the sphere of their lives, such a contradiction to their prejudice's and belief system, Liberty becomes a boogyman.

And those who believe in such out dated ideas as self determination, primal rights, Liberty as God would have it, become a natural enemy to them.

I think one has to understand, these people are in the larger scope a freebie form of imposition for tyrants. Seems every culture threatened with some form of tyranny has em. They are like flies to a hot steamy pile of dog shit. The worse the smell, the more flies.
It don't mean denial of the exigencies of the tyrannical state will save them.
One way or another, the regime, or the zombies, or the self induced nature of their own state of unpreparedness for the cold hard realities they themselves where enablers of will kill most of them off.
Lenin called them useful dupes. But I think they are better called idiots who get used and like it. Who wants them in the end? Who really needs them? They are self made when you get down to it.
But for them now, the enemy is not the tyranny of government, nor the totalitarianism of the Nomenklaturer class, nor the vehicle of unimaginable graft and corruption once known as a Republic, those are warm fuzzy comforts to this great collective of deniers.

Liberty threatens everything they know and hold dear.
But beyond that, they don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Problem is this dumbass "journalist" whose daddy was a ATF agent apparently hasn't done his homework to find out that the Boston Bombers appear to have bought most of their propellent in the form of FIREWORKS....not gun powder.

Last I checked, the douche bags over at the NRA don't try and get involved in fireworks regulations.