Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bloomberg says interpretation of Constitution must 'change'--Boston is on it

Tuesday's column, specifically that last lesson, drew the ire of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Among CSGV's herd of herbivores is one Bob Stone, who, presumably extrapolating from his own cowardice, flatly stated that no gun rights advocate would really dare resist government-mandated forcible citizen disarmament, when faced with "a platoon of Marines" (I suspect, by the way, that Stone has neglected to consider how the Oath Keepers will change the calculus). Let Bloomberg get his way, and get the "change" to the Constitution he demands, and we'll soon enough find out if Mr. Stone is right.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if a hole-in-the-wall mosque is opened at the Boston bombing site within the next three years.
All in the name of understanding and rich cultural diversity, of course.

Anonymous said...

Considering the continuing ammo shortages, the incredible rate of firearms purchases/NICS applications, etc I suspect Mr. Cole is - like many a small boy in the past - is "whistling past the graveyard" . >Jeff

Anonymous said...

Any so called "Marines" who would violate their oath ain't Marines in the 1st place, the same goes for any who would serve Obama or Bloomie in the process.

Tiny Bloomberg suffers fro a "little man" complex and as such is constantly coniving and manuevering to stay i contol by hook or crook.. kind of like the midget pig farmer in barter town.. only filthier.

Yank lll

Ashrak said...

Mr Doomberg, this is how REAL Americans respond -

Make no mistake, the entire country should read this story.
She meant every mile, every step. Go ahead, try to hold them tears back ( well maybe it's different if you know her cuz then you know how genuine this is ).

Share that. A lot. This is what TRUE patriotism and dealing with adversity is all about'. This is what you do - not change the interpretation of the constitution. You buck up, stand up and...... Well some run!

Anonymous said...

Blewmberg needs to check himself.

yours truly
Mike Michaelson Carcano the 6th

Anonymous said...

Bloomin'idiot want "change"? How's this: (I think it's from WRSA) "Keep firing until it either catches fire or CHANGES shape".

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

First, if the mongrels at the CSGV thinks OUR military, made up of OUR kids, conservative people will stand against their people, they need to get off the smack and start realizing the jackbooted thugs are not military, they are hires that dogeater and his communist buddies acquired, and are capable of anything, as shown on the forcing of citizens out of their homes by gunpoint, seaching each and every one, and "holding" then in a group while the rest of the sweet boyz tear their home apart. Watch the secret video a citizen recorded while this abomination was carried out by the same people they call for help....NOT!
Second, we would support the first responders, if there was a Constitutional bone in their bodies. They have to do what they are ordered to do, and are NOT help responsible or liable for anything or anyone they damage or injure on the way.
Do they seriously think some parts of this country would allow this to happen? And do you believe the law enforcement (non feral) would do what the thugs in yankeeland did and get away with it? Absolutely not.
Go ahead and celebrate the CSGV, and see where they go when the SHTF, they will flee to the old Soviet Union and will be jailed like the rest of the trash that will flee Amerika when that happens. They have no guts, they have no honor, so why would anyone listen to them except others that have no guts or honor?
I spent a few days in the military, and I never met a single person that prefessed to be a left wing pimp or a communist in the military. They were the draft dodgers that Jimah cahtah gave amnesty after the Vietnam War, so why would we care. They are no threat to anyone in Amerika except for their big stupid mouths and the jewish and communist suporters. I'm not a member of facebook.
'nuff said

Ol' Vet