Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Looks like the House Oversight Committee is going to investigate DHS ammunition purchases.

Coming this Thursday to a CSPAN near you, I hope.


SWIFT said...

The problem I see with this hearing, is that the committee does not have "The Bull-Dyke" under oath, denying the huge purchases. I believe she answered a Texas congressman's inquiry by letter. Too much wiggle room for the immoral swine to be brought down. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like anything'll come of it. Nothing came of 'Fast & Furious', or Benghazi...so far. I'm not holding my breath. Would be encouraging, though.- Spook89

alabamagunowner said...

Would be nice if something actually happened.
I am doubtful though as they are such an impotent group.
the only thing they are interested in is a money grab and protecting their own.

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with the previous replies notwithstanding, I pray these women get their case into court...

Lawyer Seeks to Hold Bush Administration Accountable for Iraq War


If they win, I'll start a lottery the prize winners get a chance to release the lunette on one of these war criminals. :)