Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bragging about treason to the Constitution. Looks like another state to add to the list of my law-breaking career.

"Gun control that works for New Jersey and is a model for the U.S."


Anonymous said...

That's OK as of today the fed's have floated TORTURE for citizens taken into federal custody, Don't that just sh** the bed?

Anonymous said...

So how is this NOT a "racist" attempt to "disenfranchise" poor folks of their 2nd Amendment right, but requiring a simple proof of ID to vote IS?

Anonymous said...

"This scope and depth of this instant check would put New Jersey ahead of the curve on gun safety."

As much as they are ahead of the curve on environmental protection (Most EPA Superfund sites) and corruption of public officials (Corzine, Mack, D'Allessio, and a cast of thousands).

Maddawg308 said...

Gun control in New Jersey under Gov. Jim Florio in 1990 is why I left NJ never to return. Gun owners in that state are a joke - if they truly believed in freedom, they would leave in droves.

Anonymous said...

So NJ will ignore federal law, HEPAA, to access private medical records or you'll have to sign a release allowing the state to access your private medical records if you want to purchase a firearm (Jim Crow anyone?) ...we all realize of course we do, that this is going to require some very technical medical and legal language translated into political lawyerspeak and doublespeak to identify already highly technical medical diagnoses extracted from the DSM IV (which is under revision and includes codes for political conservatism).

I'm sure an appointed panel of progressives party apparatchiks will sift through the manual to insure ideological adherence to the party's anti-gun agenda to include as many diagnoses as possible that will exclude as many potential buyers as possible. Sort of painting with a big brush for a broad stroke -- as wide as possible.

If they tell you that they're simply looking for those people who've already been legally adjudicated as 'mentally ill' they'll be lying. They're going to be looking at prescription drug use too.

And they're going to carve out an exclusion for police to exempt them; as the police have some of the most stressful lives and have some of the highest rates of mental illness of any profession but they're needed to enforce this political tyranny.

Somehow the words of Kurt Hoffman ring truer every day ...evil men doing evil deeds.

Tyrants & traitors.

Anonymous said...

Fatal flaw - The new law does not mandate a backgrond check before a firearm is stolen!

"The centerpiece of our legislation, which I am proud to sponsor, is a bill to completely overhaul the process for purchasing firearms so that it is more modern, requires instant background checks on all purchases and stops those who should not have weapons from getting them.

The legislation would require that firearms ID cards and handgun permit information be encoded into driver’s licenses."

... and does not work for those (criminals!) without driver's lisenses ...

Anonymous said...

I had an old Army buddy 40 some years ago who was from Union New Jersey. Next door neighbor was Anthony Provenzano. I'm sure that Tony Pro never owned a gun since that would not be legal. I guess Jimmy Hoffa's body never has been found, since if it was would probably be full of stab wounds since knives are legal.

Anonymous said...

"The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding." -- Louis D. Brandeis

"Our government... teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy." -- Louis D. Brandeis

Anonymous said...

If you're going to pass through PA on the way to NJ, I'm near Allentown, and I'd be happy to treat you to dinner and have a chance to meet you. I also have a guest room if you need a place to stay in a (semi) free state nearby.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Sweeney is perceived by many as "gun friendly" in the NJ legislature, I'm told !

Still trying to decide if I should attend the Thursday hearings. Odds are about even I end up in jail if permitted to testify. ( Atq nearing seventy, I probably couldn't resist the opportunity to take a few political zealots to the woodshed, by turning their "anti" emotional arguments against them. )