Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Good thing they weren't packing revolvers, huh?

St. Louis ATF agent, informants, saved by misfiring guns


AJ said...

More importantly, we need to end the insane drug war. Then there would be less of a need for dangerous undercover work, and less of putting folks into a "it's him or me" situation. Victimless crimes shouldn't be punished by long prison sentences.

MamaLiberty said...

"Witnesses saw the men point their guns and pull the triggers again, accompanied by more harmless clicking"

Could be they simply didn't have a round chambered to start with - and didn't think of it once the party got rough.

I don't know what kind of guns they had, of course, but with my semi-autos, pulling the trigger only results in a "click" if it is cocked. Unless the slide is racked, it won't 'click' again.

Something just doesn't track with this story... quite aside from how lucky the goons were not to be facing revolvers.

SWIFT said...

I'm glad no one was killed; especially by inner-city scum buckets. But, make no mistake, the ATF and U.S. Attorney's office would have asked that the defendant(s) be incarcerated until trial, as being a danger to the public or a flight risk, even if it was a simple error on a 4473. They ALWAYS try to get their pound of flesh early, by denying bail. Once incarcerated, they will pull some convicted felon from another prison and have him placed in the same cell as the new perp. The idea is for the felon to pump the new perp for inculpatory evidence in exchange for time off the felons sentence. The ATF have rubbed elbows with filthy felons for so long, they act just like them. Of course, there's no surprise there.

AJ said...

Most double action semi-autos, and many striker fired semi autos will click over and over when the trigger is pulled on an empty chamber.