Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HuffPost Reporter: "Journalists" Formed "Human Shield" Around Gun Control Activist

"There's no Second Amendment right to 50 bullets, and yet here we are."


Pointy end Out said...

There is NO 1st amendment rights to TV News media, HuffPo, et al, yet here we are

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, and there's nothing in the Second Amendment that says you're entitled to, you know, 50 bullets in a clip."

First off, it's a "magazine", not a "clip".

Second, you're absolutely right.....there's nothing in the 2nd Amendment which says you're entitled to 50 bullets in a magazine. You see, the Bill of Rights does not "grant" rights to anyone. It is simply a list of things that the govt is not allowed to do. Period.

Happy D said...

A human shield to protect her from the consequences of her poor behavior?

Before any ignorant fool goes on about her "freedom of speech", you might want to look in to how such poor behavior was punished when the actual founding fathers ran the government.

When she interrupted the Senate your elected representatives she was in a very real way interrupting you!

Removing her was simply the most kind and polite response to her lack of self control. When a non-statist does the same thing the Quisling press is not likely to report on it favorably or at all.

Jensko said...

Yeah, but if you talk a little too long at the microphone while addressing John Kerry, They'll taze you bro!